6 Shorties Trigga Trey Most Likely Took Home…Yuuup!!!

Which one of y’all want to go home with Trigga? Trey Songz is obviously on a lot of beautiful women’s radar, so he can ask questions like that. Trey Songz may be a Grammy nominated R&B artist, but he moves like a ROCK STAR. They like his chiseled body, extraordinary talent and handsome features. (He also is very rich and famous.) He has everything the ladies want and he knows it. He also has not been shy to enjoy the spoils of the countless women that seek his affection.

Which one of ya’ll!!!! He has had so many, but which one will become the one he loves? He probably hasn’t met the love of his life yet, but until then, keep knockin’ em down brother Songz.

Check out the list of women below:

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