Trey Songz Hopes To Make ‘Gradual’ Transition into Film, Hollywood

Despite starring in what is now the number one movie in the country, “Texas Chainsaw 3D,” Trey Songz is in no rush to leave music for Hollywood. According to Songz, acting is something he would rather take his time with, moving gradually rather than throwing music away for a chance to become the next Will Smith.
“It’s all about timing and where I’m at. Because I truly do love music,” Songz said before addressing talents like Queen Latifah or Will Smith, who moved from music to movies. “I’m not saying that that’s not a possibility, but you look at the time that it took them to get to that point. You look at the roles that it took to get to that place. And how meticulous they were, and the decisions they made. I want to look at it in that same way.”
According to Songz, “Texas Chainsaw 3D” was perfect because the entire movie was not resting on his shoulders.
“This movie isn’t based solely upon me. The failure or the success is not on my shoulders. And a lot of artists, when they transition into film, they allow that to happen,” he told Screen Crave. “They put themselves in situations where they put the whole weight of the movie on them. They have to carry the movie, and I had a cast that carried it with me.”
As previously reported, Trey Songz is due to appear in the forthcoming big screen adaptation of the book “Baggage Claim” next.
“I recently just shot a movie and I’m only in it for 25 minutes, but it’s a character that makes an impact. It’s all about decisions for me,” says Songz.