Supa Mario Schools Us On What The Rap Game Is Missing

Supa Mario has worked with the best from Bad Boy’s Puff Daddy to D Block. He is the loyal hardworker that has been the mover of movements. From creating the blueprint for the NYC nightlife with Puff to ruling the streets with the Ruff Rider movement, Supa has gained a good amount of knowledge on what makes the industry tick and he is sharing some of his jewels.

“I love the game right now. However, it’s missing some focus. You have the talent and the opportunity is there, but because there are no more ‘gatekeepers’ things are all over the place,” says Supa. “A gatekeeper are people or obsticles you have to go through. Now a days you just need an idea, talent, facebook page and the ability to promote yourself. You might gain your fans on your own.”

He Continues: “The industry is missing those types of people like Supa Mario. Those positions have been taken over by fast talking label dudes that attach themselves to whatever is hot at the time and when the money stops they keep it moving. It’s unfortunate because if you don’t get that second single you get there and you don’t get that much money. The life span is also really tricky now. They are not helping alot of young cats that are blowing up. They are not being handled right. When they run into the road blocks it might be the end of their careers. I’m not one of those guys, im going to see you for what you are. I just like good music if its is doing something then its alright… it’s pure. That’s what’s missing from the game there is no longevity.”

The industry is ever changing and people are trying to figure it out. Supa brings up alot of strong points.

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(photo: L-R Rashad, Supa Mario)