Mariah Carey: Nick Really Wanted Me To Do ‘American Idol’

Whether you love or hate her decision to take on the hit talent competition that is “American Idol,” Mariah Carey is doing it and she’s “happy and honored” to be there.
What you might not have known is that Nick Cannon, her husband, was actually behind the final decision.
Speaking out during a press conference Wednesday, Carey admitted that Nick, who is actually host of “America’s Got Talent,” thought it would be an amazing opportunity.
“He really wanted me to do this and I had my own kind of reservations — I didn’t know how I would adapt to this situation,” says Carey. “But it’s great to be here, I’m happy and honored to be here.”
Not underestimating the power of the brand (look no further than Jennifer Lopez’s resurgence), Carey says this is a “huge deal.”
“It’s a huge deal. This is massive. It’s one of the biggest television shows ever,” says Carey. “It changed the way we look at music and changed people’s vocabularies. Pitchy? Thank you, Randy (Jackson) for that!”
“American Idol” premieres Jan. 16 on FOX.