Kelly Rowland Gets ‘Animated’ With ‘Secret Millionaires Club’

Joining Jay Z, Kelly Rowland is getting animated with a guest role on the Hub TV Network’s “Secret Millionaires Club,” an animated series created in partnership with and voiced by Warren Buffett.
The “Ice” and “Motivation” singer will help teach financial literacy and business acumen as one of several guests to appear on the half-hour series. That guest list includes Shaquille O’Neal, Nick Cannon and Gisele Bundchen.
“The half-hour animated series features a group of entrepreneurial kids who learn the basic principles of business through a series of adventures involving an animated Buffett. “Secret Millionaires Club” teaches kids the value of money through education and giving back to their local community — two lessons timely for the holiday season,” reports Hub TV.
Jay Z was featured on the season premiere earlier this year.
“Secret Millionaires Club” airs Sunday mornings at 9 am ET on Hub TV.
Watch a brief clip from the show below…..