B Hamp Talks The Perfect Woman, Country Booty, Getting It In and His Top 5 Dead Or Alive

B Hamp is no stranger to the dance music of the lone star state. Not only is his style unique, he has a feel good sound that is infectious. The Ricky Bobby rapper talks to RappersRoom about the perfect chick, haters and the Dallas Movement.

In the beginning … I started rapping in high school about eight to nine years ago. Last year, I did my last solo song. I just make music you have to jump to.

Work Work … I had been working for a lawn company doing data entry. I’ve had 18 jobs since I’ve been working. I never held a job more than 3 months. I had to go do something so I really started rapping. I love traveling and performing. I can do it all day … everyday!

Stop hating … The hatred shows you got it. It shows you are doing something. To me it’s a plus.

Building the Perfect Woman … Nikki’s ass, Rosa Acosta’s tits, Cindy Crawford’s legs and Rihanna’s skin tone. I’mma mix them all up! I’m going for it! What’s good?! You got to always be different like that and get something exotic. I would charge 15,000 a pop for a chick like that.

Whipping it … I’m a low key person. If I was going to get a whip, I would get the Audi 8 … black it out! I keep it simple, when you get flashy too many jokers want your head.

The Dallas Movement … You went from everyone trying to support you to everyone feeling like they could do the same thing. Now people are back to like let me support people I know can do it. I know you’re going to see a big movement coming from Dallas and everyone is going to roll.

Different Area Codes … Cali weather is crazy … 65 degrees all the time is good. It will be 65 degrees then 95 degrees back home in Dallas. I think the only true difference between places is just the women and scenery.

A$$ A$$ A$$ … You might get a skinny one here, but in Dallas you’ll get that country booty. Now chicks are getting ass shots. Its crazy to me how some people look good, but get tired and just go get some ass. It has to be natural … you got to catch a dimple or something.

Musical Style … I got to go all over because I can’t stick to one style. I like taking chances. I always do party music because I always have, I make sure everyone around me is having fun. I’ll take a gangsta beat and make a party joint with it.

Influences … Growing up I listened to everything; Bone Thugs & Harmony, Jay-Z, Dip Set, Cam’ron and Jim Jones. I went to the studio with Jim Jones. Growing up I watched The Box on B cable. I listened to everything from country to Boyz II Men. I just listen to so many different genres of music.

That Ol’ School R&B Thing … If I wasn’t listening to Hip Hop I would be listening to R&B music. Some Teddy P. so I can talk to these women. R&B isn’t like it used to be. R&B cats now a days want to rap. It ain’t like it used to be I guess everybody wants to rap now. if everybody sticks to their own lane we would be good, but you got rappers trying to sing and singers trying to rap. They are f**king it up for everyone.

Top 5 dead or alive
1. Meek Mill
2. Kendrick Lamar
3. Kanye West
4. Lil Wayne
5. Drake

On the R&B Tip … I think Chris Brown and Trey Songz are dope.

That Fire … Rihanna must have that fire the way she got ni&&as throwing bottles in the club. Rihanna stuff got to be good.

Future … I want to be at the point were my family is good and to know my kids don’t have to work. I want to go out a mogul like Jay-Z … that ni**a is a beast right now.

Industry Love … Iron Solomon reached out a while back and said keep doing my thing. I get words of wisdom from cats that been in the game. It keeps your head sane.

The People’s Choice … Everybody know I’m a Ricky Bobby dancing as ni**a but that’s cool because that’s me. I’m going to have a party and have fun no matter what’s going on. I’m having fun with this shit. I’m that dude to make light of a bad situation. You got to be able to deal with people and different situations. When I go to shows I’m out there shaking hands and taking pictures. I like the VIP section, but I’m the dude that will have everyone in there with me. I don’t even drink. But I see it as if it was not for the fans I wouldn’t be shit! I’m doing this for y’all. Y’all got me here.

“You have to live everyday like it’s your last. I’m here trying to get it in.”