Lenny Kravitz Tapped to Play Legend Marvin Gaye

According to various London publications, rocker Lenny Kravitz has officially been tapped to play soul crooner Marvin Gaye in an upcoming film about the Motown legend’s life. The names of actors such as Gary Gray, Will Smith, and Terrance Howard have all been thrown around as potential candidates, with Lenny winning the coveted role. Kravitz’s acting career began with supporting roles in successful films such as Precious and The Hunger Games, but this film will be Kravitz’s first leading role.

The Julien Temple-directed film will shoot in Ostend, Belgium, where Gaye spent the last years of his life to manage his alcohol abuse and to avoid tax troubles. As many look forward to a film portrayal of the legend, others aren’t so enthused. His second wife Janis Gaye has spoken out about her doubts about the movie, mentioning she feels “very skeptical” about the project.

“Midnight Love” is the film’s unconfirmed title, the same as Gaye’s final studio album.