Divinity Roxx Talks Rocking & Rolling, Beyonce, Her Father Passing, More

The name says it all with exotic recording artist, composer and bassist, Divinity Roxx. A vital part of Beyonce’s live sound when she served as music director, Divinity Roxx rocks shows and takes names. Her work includes elements of Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, and Rock. Her style is innovative and eclectic style. Many define her style as “Ghetto Rock.” However this rapper and bassist has her own performance that is radical and unique. With Divinities tongue twisting lyrics and bass heavy sound, she is more than ready to take the world by storm. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk about what has made her such a work of art in music.

ATL BABY!!! …Well, Atlanta has always been forward thinking with music. In Atlanta, we were exploring music that wasn’t confined to a genre or color. We were checking out Johnny Profit, Whild Peach (funk) and Joe Gillian. I would say that it was organized noise. It wasn’t like anything else especially when you really got into the artistry and not just the lingo or braggadocios style. You had to stand out in Atlanta and still be you. When Outkast won, we all were jumping up and down because Outkast were from where we were from and that was big at that time. They were booing them at the awards. Outkast put Southern Hip Hop on the map. This is at the time when a lot of people from the north were moving down South. There was a huge up north influence in the south taking over Atlanta. Outkast was totally south and their style was totally theirs. We used to hang out with north cats and have ciphers. I was big on Tribe Called Quest, Rakim and M.C. Lyte. We would chill outside of the record store. I recorded all lyrics of hip hop songs so I could learn them.

Musical Beginnings
… I was in college and I was hanging out with musicians … one was a bass player. I would rap and we would have rap sessions. I just didn’t want to be a rapper. So I went home, got a bass and had my friend show me some exercises. After that I played along to the Fugees’ ‘Killing Me Softly’. I used to play that all the time. Later, I also played Raphael Saadiq’s album that was out at that time.

Poetry For The People … I probably would be a writer or photo journalist … writing novels and poetry. I’ve been thinking about writing a lot lately. Alice Malsenior Walker and June Jordan are some people I admire as writers. June Jordan was from Harlem, New York. They were really getting it in and being revolutionary in New York at that time.

Sometimes It Rains In June … At Berkley; it was called ‘Poetry for the People’. I had these little dreads back then. I used to piss June off with the things I used to say in my poetry. (LOL!) Later, I told her I was going to leave and go to pursue my music. She knew what the statistics were for students leaving and not finishing their degree. It broke her heart that I was leaving. She was the first person to bring me to New York City. I got pneumonia when I came out there and we went to the New School. The first time I got on the plane was going to college. My whole college experience helped me grow. Its funny when I found out that she passed, it was in 2006, when I was on tour opening for Prince. That’s when I found out that she passed … it was deep.

Evolution of Music Is Live … The evolution of music is reinterpreting it for the live experience. It’s like a little present for the fans that come to the concerts. They get to see it in a different way. When I did the Korean Pop band, they just had tracks. We reinterpreted it and made it come to life on stage. All the fans hit us up on twitter. They said what we did on stage with the music was incredible because they experienced the song in a different way. I do the same thing for Beyonce and her live show.

Knowing The Beast In Beyonce … I love that Beyonce stays true to herself. She’s always studying. She’s a student of music. I love her work ethic. It’s incredible. She looks like she’s fragile, but she’s really beastly even though she is tiny.

Killer Collaborations… Lenny Kravitz, Andre 3000 and Raphael Saadiq would all be dope collaborations. Rick Ruben producing my whole project would be awesome because I have been producing myself. It would be dope to have someone come and bring me and my sound out in a different light, more in the sense of a rock producer. I want to delve into new aspects of myself.

Relentless … Divinity Roxx would be the title if I had my own movie. There is this little girl named Quvenzhane Wallis that played ‘Beast of the Southern Wild.’ She’s incredible. That was me as a kid … relentless. I was raised with my father. I couldn’t be a soft little girl. I had to be independent and take care of myself. I think she can totally play me.

Favorite Meat … I don’t eat meat … something about me chewing animals. Ughh!!!
Favorite Food … Cheese or vegetarian Pizza.
Favorite Candy … Hi-Chew gum.
Favorite Shopping Spot … One of a kind boutiques.
Favorite Bass … Warwick Bass is my sponsor
Next Album … In my next album I will be a more vulnerable and open.

Falcon Nation … I have always been an Atlanta Falcons fan. I had to curse out my quarterback last year and I told Matt he needed more heart. I think he heard me. I sat him down and smacked him up a couple times. I just want us to prove we are a viable team in the league.

Rainy Days … It depends … I like to chill and stay in the bed. I don’t get that many days off in the rain. I like it in the rain. It rarely rains in L.A. Rain just makes you just want to sip tea and smoke weed.

Movie Maniac … My two favorite movies are ‘Momento’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’. The movie is about this couple that have a incredible relationship and have their memories erased. You should check it out.

The Sensitive Lioness … If I was an animal I would probably be a lioness. I would be all powerful, strong and beastly. No one would F&^% with me. I would also have the ability to be soft and caring with my babies. When you see them with their babies they are so caring and loving.

A leisurely trip with family & friends … One of my favorite places is Costa Rica. I went water repelling down the waterfalls. I also like to go home and spend time with my niece and nephew. My nephew is really into baseball and football … he’s a jock. He wants to be a musician only to do the cool stuff like licking the guitar and jumping like he was me.

Father Time … I would absolutely not take anything in my life back because everything that has happened to me has gotten me to this point. If it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be who I am. I wish my dad didn’t pass away though. I would slow down the time when my dad came to live with me. I would have taken that in even more. I wouldn’t have been so quick to move to L.A. to pursue my music. I kind of left hastily when he was living with me at the time.

I have Arrived … This album is the ultimate expression of me at my rawest form. I’m really sassy and have a smart mouth. I say whatever I want to say and I can be outlandish. This record is braggadocios, loud and relentless. I’m telling my story in a way that no one else can. It’s no holds bar. You know how you are fighting for something so long and then you finally get there. This project is a declaration that I have arrived.

My Dream … Next goal is to be able to tour by myself with my own band on a scale like my predecessors. I want to be on the tour bus and go from city to city with 1,000 people at a time seeing us play. I would like to tour 300 days out the year. That’s how you do it.