Houston Family: Whitney Was ‘Not’ Broke When She Died

Whitney Houston’s family, including her mother, Cissy, and sister-in-law/manager, Pat Houston, say she was not “broke” when she passed earlier this year.
Addressing rumors over Houston’s estate, they say there has been a “total misconception” about finances including $20 million that would allegedly go to Bobbi Kristina.
“First of all, there is no $20 million. That is a total misconception there, okay. She did not die broke and that is all I will say,” Pat Houston shared on “The View” in video below. “There is no $20 million and she wasn’t broke when she passed.”
While you will have to watch it to really see how it goes down, the family’s interview with Barbara Walters was somewhat heated with Walters telling Pat Houston “Somewhere between the two is the truth” at one point.
The family appeared on “The View” as a means to promote their Lifetime reality series, “The Houstons: On Our Own,” which premieres tonight (Wednesday at 9 p.m.).
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