Brandy Says Reality TV Stints Were ‘Just To Stay Relevant’

Brandy has long dismissed any return to reality television, but she has just provided further insight into her reasons for saying “no thank you.”
According to the “Two Eleven” star, her foray with the growing option for celebrities that need a vehicle, boost or simply some coins in the bank, was nothing more than an attempt to remain relevant.
“Reality [TV] was just to stay out there, to stay relevant. And when you’re just doing anything, everything to stay relevant, you’re not going to do the right thing because you’re doing it for the wrong reason,” Brandy ironically shared with VH1 this week.
Further explaining why reality isn’t for her, Brandy says “it was too forced.”
“I knew that reality TV wasn’t for me; it was too forced. When you start doing things for the wrong reasons, when you start doing things that don’t match your destiny, or you’re not doing it for service or trying to be an inspiration for other people, it’s like no need to do it,” said Brandy.
All of that said, Brandy is back to doing what she loves thanks to the recently released album “Two Eleven.” Featuring the singles “Put It Down” and “Wildest Dreams,” the album is expected to debut within the top 10 on this week’s Billboard 200 albums chart.