5 Reasons Jeremih’s “Late Night’s” Is Nice & Nasty!

If you’re looking for that old fashioned Bump N’ Grind sound so familiar to Chi-Town, put Jeremih’s “Late Nights” on repeat. (To get the cookie all you need is candles, the Late Night’s mix-tape and condoms.) A well-rounded mix-tape is what we will have to categorize this collection of panty-droppers as. Let me not say panty droppers, it’s just not politically correct. Women are seducing their men too. Mix-tapes are for promotional use, but sometimes artists use it as a chance to make people feel what they are feeling. Jeremih did just that. Here are five reasons “Late Nights” could be considered one of the hottest R&B mix-tapes of the year.

Front to Back – This is a complete work I can actually listen to from beginning to end. This mix-tape might be better than some peoples’ albums. Every song was carefully crafted to make you feel like you are in that place or into that mood.

Genuine – No one can be you better than you. This is all Jeremih. He is young, black and successful. That is only a recipe for Late Nights with random women. Tracks such as “Rated R” and “773 Love” talk about real sexual situations and they are bangers for those looking for slow jams.

Musicianship – Jeremih is no slouch. He is more than equipped to make extraordinary music because he is a real musician that plays actual instruments. Jeremih sings his heart out, but does his one two flow thing also on such tracks as “Ahh Sh*t” feat. Fabolous and “Girls Go Wild”. He chops and screw it all up in “Fu*k U All The Time” with the sweet voiced Natasha Mosley. There is so much going on throughout the mix-tape.

Team Work
– This piece of work is relevant because he includes so many elements and the right features. He begins this erotic odyssey with the song dedicated to the gorgeous and sexy, @RosaAcosta. What a way to begin? If you want to start something sexy, start it off with someone that embodies sexy. DJ Trama is hosting and adding his spice to the recipe. Jeremih also was able to get Gucci “In & Out of Jail” Mane, 2 Chainz, Sir Michael Rocks, Marcus French, Fabolous, YG, E-40 to give you that coast to coast feel. He didn’t stop there because he took it back home with Chicago legends Twista and AK from Do or Die. To put a cherry on top, he gives you his cousin and ex-Day 26 member Willie Taylor for the ladies. The features were well thought out and brings life to each track.

Vision – You have to have vision! Yes, vision is so important when you are creating work for the people. How better to reveal your complete vision then in your videos, which compliment your work. Jeremih TRULY made sure he got his point across through his Late Nights’ videos. It’s all about late A$$ nights and $EXXX. Check out “Keep It Movin” and “Go To The Mo” … if your nasty. (LOL)

I don’t know what’s in the water in the Chi, but those fools got that “Sex & B” on lock. If you have not listened to this mix-tape in the car, while driving 99 miles per hour or while doing something naughty in your new sports car with the top down or having a nice candle lit night with your wife/husband, make sure you do so. Please make sure you do so tonight … LATE NIGHT!!!