12 Songs That Made R. Kelly “THE KING OF THE SHEETS”

He was and still is the man who puts the R in R&B. R. Kelly has been responsible for half of the baby making from the 90’s Golden Era until now. His lyrics, melodies and over all sound is seductive and acts as a potent aphrodisiac. Like his forefathers such as Marvin Gay and the Isley Brothers, R. Kelly or Kellz has painted a love scene time and time again. However, recently R. Kelly has matured and found a niche in the adult contemporary market, dropping awesome ageless music such as “When A Women Loves”. He is dynamic and in one word … a legend.

We have watched him go through his ups and downs, we have seen him get trapped in the closet, get beat up by Mr. Biggs, caught him feeling booties in the club, witnessed his divorce and even watched him beef with Jay-Z. But through all his trails and tribulations, R. Kelly has provided us with the greatest collection of love making songs which have been the sexiest, most erotic sounds and melodies for us to enjoy. You can enjoy these songs with your boo, wife, creep partner, neighbor …whoever. He made something for everyone for any occasion or location… bed, club, barbeques, sofas even the zoo. (He’s a damn freak!) The king of the Bump N’ Grind will never lose his thrown. He reigns supreme and here are ten songs which solidify him as the King of the Sheets. He hasn’t run away from the genre he has helped to preserve. May we always keep that freaky side of R&B.

Our picks for Favorite R. Kelly Freak Songs (#10TopBabyMakingRKellySongs)

1. Bump N’ Grind
“I’m not fooling around with you baby/My love is true (with you) with you is where I want to be, girl see/you need someone someone like me to satisfy your every needs”

2. Down Low

“While making love to him girl you’re silently calling on me”

3. Sex Me (part 1)/Sex Me (Part 2)
“Lady have no fear cause ecstasy is near (ooh baby)/Any unexpected positions, bring it on/Any secret fantasies you see I’ll fulfill as long as you sex me.”

4. The Greatest Sex
“I know twelve ways to make your love come down/And the secret places on you will be found”

5. Your Body’s Callin
“You see you don’t have to say nothing/Knowing your body wants something”

6. It Seems Like You’re Ready
“Oh,oh, your body is my playground/Let me lick you up and down”

7. Half On A Baby
“I’m ready to break it off/Since computer love/Been wanting to set it off”

8. (Sex) Love Is What We Makin
“Sex in the morning/Sex in the evening/Sex in the noon day/Even when we sleeping”

9. The Zoo
“It’s like a jungle atmosphere and we’re two monkeys baby It’s like we’re on a vine the way we’re swingin’ it baby See, you’re a tiger girl the way you’re scratchin’ me”

10. I Like The Crotch On You
‘I like the crotch on you I want what you’ve got baby”

11. Pregnant
“Girl you make me wanna get you pregnant/Lay your body down and get you pregnant”

12. Like a Real Freak
“Hit it from the back, spank the cheeks/Pulled her hair, pushed it deep/Pound da meat, sound asleep”

This is for all my happy people that like bumping and grinding in the club like real freaks. This is also dedicated to all those people that seem like they are ready to go half on a baby, but need that 12 play and a whole lot of kisses. We can’t forget those who are looking for the greatest sex. For all those real die hard R. Kelly fans, make sure to show love and let us know the music you love from the man that put the N in NASTY.

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If we didn’t mention yours, comment with you favorite R. Kelly freak song below?