The Kim/Rose Effect: 5 Reasons We Think “The Whitest Black Girl” is Beautiful

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian are two gorgeous women which features seem to blur the lines of what are traditionally “black” and “white”. Yes, women of African descent are not the only women that are curvaceous, but traditionally their body typed leaned more towards the thicker side compared to their European counterpart. Black men have been accused time and time again for neglecting their darker skinned women. Is this a real issue or is this some thing that is just drummed up by the media? Well, there is a truth to this “problem” historically. In many cases, black men have not been in control of what is portrayed as beautiful. When you are not in charge of media or platforms which showcases beauty, you do not get to dictate what is beautiful. However, today the perception of what is beautiful is ever changing for all races. This article is not about bashing black men for liking light skin women, if that was even the case, but to show how diversity has or has not changed the face of beauty.

Whitest Black Girl Vs. Blackest White Girl

So the concept of beauty is complex. What are people attracted to and why? Is attraction culturally based or universally based? Has media and events from the past dictated what we now consider “beautiful”? In this post modern era, European beauty has generally been based on a thin figured straight haired, light toned woman versus the African perception of beauty which enjoys kinky hair, dark skinned, thicker butt, hip and lips. However, slavery and acts of oppression throughout history has altered and morphed the perception of what beauty is to the oppressed. The oppressor in this case dictates what is beautiful. Example being slavery and its effects encouraged the love of the whitest black girl. The whitest black girl represented the mix of African, European and other peoples. Countries such as Brazil, Dominican Republic, Cape Verde Islands are all products of mixing. The Middle East has also been a place of racial mixing since the beginning of time. All groups have their own idea of beauty, but as our boundaries blur and borders fall due to globalization and technology, we are redefining what beauty is… or are we?

1. History – Historically the image of black beauty, which was showcased and accepted, has always been the whitest black girl. The light skinned women had been put in the forefront because they were accepted by both the black and white world. We can not ignore the fact that people of African descent had a long and hard struggle to be so visible today in entertainment and media. However, Caucasian males were and still are dictating media and what is accepted. So is it really the fault of the African American on what they think beauty is or have they been fed a beautiful myth? Are things changing? Or is there now a battle between the whitest black girl and the blackest white girl? This is now a bigger issue because it includes all races.

2. Media – Media is a tricky medium because it can create its own truth. A truth sometime just for a minority might be represented as a truth of the masses. The Pan African demographic have always loved big voluptuous women with nice backsides. A lot of that comes from their roots in Africa, but why is it just being accepted now? Why did J. Lo have to make it acceptable for it to be something we can all like now?

3. Celebrities – Brothers Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West are two artists we can look at who at one point were both in love with the “whitest black girl”… Amber Rose. They can’t help it. She’s sexy and its because of her mix. All men, black and white seem to be mesmerized by women that have an exotic mix.

4. Beauties – Kim Kardashian & Amber Rose are two examples of the blackest white girl and the whitest black girl. Kim Kardashian is a product of Armenian, Scottish and Dutch heritage and Amber Rose is a product of Cape Verdean (Cape Verdeans are a product of Senegalese and Portuguese mixing. ), Italian and Irish heritage. (Armenians are a product of the constant mixing of Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Mongols, Persians, Ottoman Turks and Russians) Kim racially is considered white and Amber Rose is considered black. Both of these women have received so much press and praise about their ultra-curvy figures. It’s not that we haven’t seen women with killer curves, but the fascination is based around the fact that they appear white with these curves. White women are not supposed to have big butts… I guess. (Totally not 100% true.) However, perception is everything.

Amber recently heard a lot of ‘you’re fat! lose weight!’ comments, so she decided to reply:

“I’m 5’9 148. (34-24-34) How am I fat? Man, what have I done so wrong? Be too nice? I just don’t get it.”

Kim Kardashian’s stands 5’2 ½ and her measurements are 38-26-40.

“I get my curves from my Armenian heritage.”

With measurements like that Kim as well as Amber are both constantly dealing with the pressure of balancing out what is beautiful…voluptuous or thin.

5. Cosmetic surgery – Cosmetic surgery by women is constantly increasing. Surgeries to enhance the buttocks, lips and tanning are all ways for individuals to embrace an “Afro-centric” look. However, individuals are also getting nose jobs to give them a more “European” look.

1) Breast Augmentation – 311,957
2) Liposuction – 283,735
3) Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) – 149,943
4) Rhinoplasty – 138,258
5) Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) – 127,923
6) Breast Reduction (not including male breast reduction) – 113,511
7) Breast Lift – 98,279
8) Facelift – 94,247
9) Forehead Lift – 30,789
10) Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Surgery) – 21,817

With the exception of buttock augmentation and buttock lifts, all major plastic surgery procedures were down in 2009. The Brazilian buttocks lift and implants have increased in popularity.

Is this all a way for us to embrace all that’s beautiful around the world or is our pursuit of what’s beautiful really exposing what is ugly about us as people? Is it insecurities or is it appreciation? I guess at the end of the day, the mix between black, white, red and brown are whatever seem to have created a unique undeniable beauty that women like Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian possess. A straight haired, green chinky-eyed, curvaceous, evenly tanned toned woman seems to be idle because she takes the “best” of all races and puts it together.

Whatever you find to be beautiful is beautiful regardless of race. Don’t let anything control your perception of beauty.