3 Reasons Hos/Bad Girls are Winning…or Not!

It can be argued if these hos are winning. Whores or hos have been doing their thing since the beginning of time. Jezebel was holding it down in the Bible and she probably would be on a dope reality show if she were around now. Being a whore and acting whorish seems to have become exceptable in a time when sex sells and it’s all about getting ahead and counting those bucks. It’s funny to see how these whores aka hos or may I say bad girls have taken a place and seem to be “winning”. Is it really true that hos are winning or is it just a couple of those bad girls (Kim Kardashian, Evelyn Lozada, Joceline Hernandez, Basketball EX- Girlfriends I mean Wives and more) that get a little too much shine on the boob tube?

Time and time again we see a lot of athletes and entertainers put women that have been very promiscuous in their past on a pedestal. I guess they don’t mind sharing with their peers. But my question is with all that money and influence, why not get someone that is just for you? Well, its either I’m not getting the game or these guys are lost in the game. Anyway, here is the definition of whore, a couple reasons hos may or may not be winning and food for thought by YMCMB’s songstress Shanell.

#1 Definition
Whore – a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.

#2 Definition
Whore – to be or act as a prostitute

# 3 Definition
Whore – to seek that which is immoral, idolatrous

“These hos are winning! I don’t watch TV. I watch life around me and men like the ho. The world likes the ho (aka whore) and they are winning. The thing they like about them is they are not afraid to do what they want and be who they are. It’s intriguing to people because they are not afraid to wear and feel how they want to feel. So why not take the good out of the person like that? You can leave the bad … eat the apple and throw out the core. Why not apply it to these good women that lack those bossed up qualities. In the song I am telling these good girls why these bad girls (hos aka whore) are winning. ” –Shanell

Get That Money – With fame comes opportunity. These bad girls seem to be showcased on TV as the heroes coming to save the day from “the man” or maybe the men. Like Shanell said, hos may have their faults, but they are assertive, direct and particular about what they want. I guess those are winning qualities. Maybe good girls can learn a thing or two about how to move with the movers and groove with the groovers. (Just make sure you respect yourself because men will only respect you as much as you respect yourself.)

Get That Fame – There are a lot of reality show queens and ladies who have no talent, but seem to have become relevant solely because of who they are or were dating or making a XXX tape with.

Get That Guy – Shhhhh … men love whores, hos, sluts, and jump offs – whatever you want to call them. It is in our nature to seek and destroy the “box”. But the catch is that it’s just about the “box”. As soon as he climaxes, his brain turns back on. Unless she knows a bunch of jedi mind tricks. In that case, he’s trapped with no way out. They can get a boy, but a man knows that you keep the hos outside and you build a home with a woman.

Ladies, it seems these hos are winning and sometimes they do, but there is nothing like a good woman that respects herself. All the guys want that girl that hasn’t been ran threw, but they will settle for the jump, whore or ho just to kill some time.