Tamar Braxton Talks Self Improvement, Big Mouth and Giving Advice

Tamar Braxton may be the most outspoken member of the family on “Braxton Family Values,” but she’s working on toning it down.
In a recent interview, Braxton claims not to have realized she had a big mouth and that things she has been saying might be considered offensive.
“I didn’t know that I could be that loud and my mouth could be so big. And I didn’t realize that I was actually giving unsolicited advice. Sometimes that is totally offensive to a grown person,” says Braxton. “Now, I only give my advice if I’m asked.”
While she is working on speaking only when spoken to, Tamar admits there are moments where she’ll slip and have to stop and reel it in.
“Sometimes, in the middle of my sentence, I have to stop myself. Shut up Tamar, nobody asked you,” she tells the Houston Chronicle. “And that’s just because I’ve seen it on TV. It’s not about the advice that I’m giving. Usually I feel like I give great advice. But it’s the delivery, and I really have to work on that.”
In related news, Tamar can be seen on “Braxton Family Values” tonight.
The series returns Thursday, August 16 at 9 pm on WEtv.