Makings of A Man: Nasty Nas If You Like It

It is no secret that the rapper Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones aka Nas/Nasty Nas/ Nas Escobar has been the ladies choice for two decades. It might be his chipped tooth, creamy caramel skin, bad boy appeal or his witty street wise lyrics that captivated the ladies and gained the respect of the men. He has also given Hip Hop and R&B music some of the most legendary albums as well as songs of all time. He is a superhero amongst mere mortals in the rap game and he has collaborated with artists outside his coveted genre like miss Lauryn Hill and Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley. Although his humble and laid back personality keeps part of his life out of the limelight, Nas is back! He has just released the critically acclaimed album, ‘Life Is Good.’

The well publicized divorce from his love Kelis and his experiences as a man, father and Hip Hop pioneer has helped him create a vulnerable and real album that we can learn a lot from based on his positive view on life. Maybe some of these R&B artists can learn a thing or to about putting their emotions into their music. Here are several reasons Nas is the man we all love.

Beauty Mark – Under his left eye he has a very distinct beauty mark that adds a unique feature to his face.

Chipped Tooth/Perfect Smile – When Nasty Nas first hit the scene, he spit vivid street tales as his chipped tooth furnished his grill piece. This chipped tooth would be something the ladies would go crazy over. Nas would later fix his chipped tooth giving him a perfect more mature smile.

– Nas keeps his caramel skin looking flawless. (It must be the coco butter.)

Thug Appeal/Bad Boy – Born in Crown Heights section of Brooklyn and raised in the infamous Queensbridge Housing Projects in the Long Island City section of Queens, Nas learned the ways of the streets. Fortunately, there are a lot of ladies that can’t help but love thugs and those bad boys. Their swagger and style seem to captivate. Nas is also guilty of being a cool bad boy that possesses undeniable swagger. Smooth R&B/Soul/Jazz Lover, Nas is the son of the jazz musician Olu Dara. He grew up at a time and place (NYC) where Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, Blues, Reggae, Dancehall, Calypso and Soca had a strong influence on his music.

Poetic – Nas has always showed his hard street smarts through his lyrics. However, he has also shown his ability to look at social, political and economic issues we face in the inner city as well as the world in a musical format. He also has let us into his heart as he talks candidly about the ups and down of his relationship with the eclectic Kelis. Here are some notable lyrics from Nas and his journey as a rapper and man.

“I saw on T.V. today this man lost his son, his son died. So he had him cremated, took the ashes and then made it into a diamond ring. Now he watches his son shine everyday. I just thought about that, while I sit here ashing in this ash tray.”

“A thug changes and love changes and best friends become strangers.”

“We can drive through the city, no doubt, but don’t say my car’s topless – say the titties is out.”

“You a slave to a page in my rhyme book.”

“I never sleep, ’cause sleep is the cousin of death.”

“And all I seen was selfish cowards, under they breath Saying “why did Nas trust her?”, but look at yourself, speak louder bro You live with your baby moms and scared to make an honest woman out of her And make her your bride, fake bitch you ain’t even alive At least I can say I tried plus enjoyed the ride Plus we got our little boy, my little joy and pride He got my nose, my grill, your color, your eyes Next go round I hope I pick the truest type and watch me do it all again It’s a beautiful life, aight Goodbye”

Ambitious – Nas has given the people eight consecutive platinum and multi-platinum albums since 1994. Four albums have topped the Billboard charts upon release and has sold over thirteen-million records in the United States alone. Nas was also part of the hip hop super group The Firm, which released one album under Dr. Dre’s record label Aftermath. Nas is also an occasional actor and has appeared in feature films such as Hype Williams’ directorial debut Belly, Ticker and In Too Deep and the television show Hawaii Five-0.

Nas is one of the greatest rappers of all time. He is now one of the most eligible bachelors on the market. These are a couple of things that makes Nas the great guy he is.

What do you think makes Nas special?