Disbanded Day26 Members Willie & Brian Race to Stardom

Where’s Day26??? Day26 has broken up, so fans who were waiting on their new album entitled ‘New Day’ will have to find something else to fill that void. The quintet was formed in 2007 by P Diddy on MTV’s Making the Band 4, and consisted of Robert Curry, Brian Andrews, Willie Taylor, and Michael McCluney. We have never stopped loving male R&B groups. They reigned supreme in the 90s and became extinct in 2000s. No one can put their finger on why they left us. New Edition set the stage for Boyz II Men and Jodeci. We still enjoy the sweet grooves of Guy, Mint Condition, Soul 4 Real.

Day26 was suppose to give us hope and spark a new resurgence in the male group movement, but things all fell apart. However, when groups crumble solo artists have throughout time climbed out of the ashes. On July 16, 2012, Day26 released a statement that the group is disbanding to focus on solo careers. With the disbandment, it will be interesting to see who will have enough of the glow and juice to become a star. They are all talented and able but it seems Willie Taylor and Brian Angel have been the first to push out of the blocks and race towards stardom. Here are a couple of comparisons between the two.

Willie Taylor

Attractive – D’Angelo has come back with extraordinary musicianship yet they will not allow him to just entertain and sing. They want him to take it all off! Sounds unfair but it’s all about being attractive and sexy. Sex sells unfortunately. We are controlled by images because we are constantly bombarded by them. Bodies have to be more voluptuous, more muscular, wrinkle free and tanned. Sh*ttt … basically just plain perfect. Willie seems to have it. The ladies love him and he is in excellent physical shape.

Home Town – Willie’s connection to Chi-Town gives him an advantage. For goodness sake it is the home of R. Kelly. Not only is Chicago a great place for music, so is the surrounding Midwest region. This region has birthed the Twin City sound of Prince and Detroit’s legendary Motown sound. Willie is a product of America’s true melting pot.

Family First – Many people may not know that Jeremih is the cousin of Willie. It is always a great benefit to have family in the business to guide and mentor you.

It seems with Willie’s sex appeal/attractiveness, home town advantage and family connections he might have a chance at being the Bobby Brown (of the 90’s) of Day 26.

Brian Angel

Former Day26 vocal powerhouse Brian Angel is prepping his first major release (mixtape) since the group parted ways earlier this month. Let’s compare Mr. Angel to the Willie.

Content/Depth – Brian seems to focus on substance and bringing R&B back to life. His mixtape is reportedly going to have an R&B heavy vibe. The lead single “Killa” featuring Dorrough is just the beginning of Angel’s rising. Brian says, “I can say they’re going to get that real heartfelt R&B. The realness I feel like R&B has been missing for quite sometime now.” Reuniting with some heavy hitters, Brian Angel plans to give fans authentic music.

Real & Genuine – “I’m still working and trying to make sure that I give the people all of me. What I mean by that is the real me and that I’m not just doing songs just because. I’m doing songs that I feel people can actually relate to.

Dream Team – Angel has also teamed up with new management that will assist in his forthcoming efforts.”I definitely can’t complain, I feel like I left one situation feeling a certain way and walked into a great situation where people actually care. People want to see you win!”

We would love to see Day26 rock out together, but I guess that’s like wishing for the Fugees to settle the score and tour. It might be just as fun to see who gets their Beyonce on. (We meant that in the manliest way possible.)