Mary Mary Season Two Premiere Announced

Grammy Award winners Erica and Tina Campbell, better known as “Mary Mary,” will be returning to television later this year.
Their popular reality series “Mary Mary” has been picked up for a second season slated to begin in December.
As seen on season one, which premiered this Spring, the sisters showcased ups and downs as it pertains to their personal and professional lives. They also debuted new music, including the inspirational track “Go Get It.”
Speaking of the series and balancing work and family with Singersroom, Mary Mary said “We try to prioritize family time when it’s family time, and we try to prioritize work when we’re working. We know that we can’t say yes to everything like we used to before children and marriage; then we have to wrap our minds around the fact that we will not be 100% involved with everything our family does because we travel a lot. And I think once you wrap your mind around those perspectives, you plan well in advance, manage your personal and professional calendars pretty well and then you commit to those things that you committed to, you know, and take your day in stride and hope that it works out, and that’s what we do.”
“Mary Mary” joins “Braxton Family Values” in landing a new season. The Braxton’s will return for a third season in 2013, following their extended Summer season that kicks off Thursday, August 16.
“Mary Mary” returns for a second season Thursday, December 13 on WEtv.