Elle Varner Self Help: 4 Ways To Improve Your Everyday Life

We’ve seen Gabrielle Varner aka Elle Varner dazzle crowds throughout the country with her fresh new sound and recently brighten up the red carpet at 2012 BET Awards. People are constantly looking for the newest thing or individuals that have the gumption to do it their way. Elle Varner is totally guilty of giving R&B a new refreshing face. There is something sexy as well as extraordinary about her. However, her sexiness comes from something organic and natural. She doesn’t flaunt body parts or talk about explicit sexual encounters, but you’re still attracted to the quirky woman we’ve grown to love. The hair, eyes and lips seem to do something. Her attitude and laid back demeanor seems to invite a smorgasbord of fans. People often ask artists about the things that make them special or even ask them how they are able to do these special things. However, here are some ways we’ve been able to use Elle Varner as a model to improve your everyday life.

1. Smile! – Her smile is not your ordinary run of the mill type of smile. She has that “I hope I see her in the club because I want to give her a Refill type of smile”. It’s almost infectious because it’s genuine, truthful and real. Her smile is something that comes from her positive energy within. Smiling is a perfect way to welcome people into your space. You can practice smiling and being friendlier.

You can also spice up that smile with fun colorful lipsticks and lip glosses. Revlon Colorburst Summer Colors • Stormy Pink • Sky Pink • Smoked Peach • Nude Attitude • Pink Pout • Fabulous Fig • Wine Not

Summer is a great time to try new colors. Like Elle Varner, don’t be scared to wear some colors that make you stand out. Your special…why not let everyone see it.

2. Redefine Yourself/ Personality – A dash of humor, quirkiness, innocence and an open mind seems to describe Elle Varner. Her style is all hers; she wears her hair wild and free. She lives everyday like it’s her last. YOLO! A perfect way to develop your personality is to get involve in being open to new things. For example, meditation and having time to reflect might help to enhance your perspective and hopefully redefine your personality. Here are a couple meditation types you may want to check out.

Meditations Types • Yoni Mudra • Category Concentration • Simple Meditation • Transcendental Meditation • Vibration Meditation • Breath and Naval Meditation • Central Channel Meditation

Elle V. takes time to reflect. You should find time in your busy day to find you and clear your mind.

3. Bi-Coastal Swagger – It seems that the three hubs of music seem to have always been centered around the gritty city of New York, the hotness of Atlanta and limelight of Los Angeles. Elle Varner is an L.A. native, however she graduated from NYC’s Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music. Elle V. had the opportunity to see and experience two different cities on opposite coast. She also learned a lot about different places because she is mixed with so many nationalities. Like Amber Rose, we can also attribute Elle’s beauty due to her Cape Verdean roots. Elle is also Irish, Caucasian Indian and Dutch. Traveling and experiencing different languages, accents, cultures, religions will help educate you as a person. You will also be able to see things from various perspectives.

Take a trip somewhere different and learn about new things!

Hot Spots: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina • Branson, Missouri • San Francisco, California • London, England • New York, New York • Paris, France

4. Find Your Passion/Hubby – Elle thus far has one studio alum “Perfectly Imperfect” and one mixtape entitled “Conversational Lush“. She has been able to give us “Only Wanna Give It To You” and “Refill” which have been smashes in their own right. But Elle wasn’t always a professional, it started as a passion or hobby. Find something you like that makes you happy!

Here are a couple ideas.

Cool Hobbies: Volunteer Work • Bicycling • Gardening • Painting • Cooking • Swimming • Writing

People say there are no role models, but I beg to differ. You just have to look and find the good things in people. You don’t have to be a famous celebrity to live everyday to the fullest. I encourage you to make improvements everyday.

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