CHIME IN: 5 Frank Ocean Closet Rumor Questions

It may or may not be a big deal to you. Many people believe it is your business what your sexual orientation is and there are some that would disagree. However, it is rumored and I respectfully stress the word rumor that 24-year old Odd Future member and singer/songwriter Christopher Francis Ocean aka Frank Ocean has come out of the closet on his new album Channel Orange. On the songs “Bad Religion,” “Pink Matter” and “Forrest Gump” the singer’s lyrics allegedly mentions the man he is in love with, not the woman or a gender-neutral individual.

In a time when controversy is just as important as talent, Frank Ocean seems to have the interest of many especially from looking at the Twitter frenzy this has created. However, we must look at this objectively and understand that this artist has penned music for Justin Bieber and has been summoned with projects like Watch The Throne and artists which include Jay-Z, Kanye West and Beyonce.

Francis Ocean has yet to make an official comment on the subject, but let’s discuss how this can effect the R&B genre and music as a whole. Leave your OPINIONATED answers in the comment box.

1. What affect will this have on the fabric of music and how it is interpreted?

2. Will this force us to go back and investigate the gender references in material sung by artists that were rumor or confirmed homosexuals?

3. Does it matter if Frank Ocean is gay?

4. Is sexual orientation being used as a way to drum up publicity for artists?

5. Do people care about an artist’s sexual orientation? Will it affect sales etc?

There are many questions and comments that this topic may muster up, but feel free to share respectfully.