10 Artists Talks Why Michael Jackson Lives With Us Everyday

Michael Jackson’s spirit lives on every day, not just those days which marked his death or his birth day. He lives through people’s love for his music around the world. But more importantly, he lives through artists that he has inspired and influenced. He changed the music industry forever and he made the music and movements of a new generation visible. For some it was the glove, the socks, his extraordinary moves, songs or lyrics, but for all it was the feeling you had when a Michael Jackson song came on. How is it that we still love his music? Why do young children that have never experienced Michael love his music? Michael Jackson has and will always be a symbol to the world. A symbol that shows how music has no age, religion, boundary, race, city, state, doctrine, etc. It is the one thing(music) that can be felt without explanation. He was able to make music love.

Here are a couple things that make Michael the king of an art that spoke everywhere.Who knew that the shy young boy from humble Gary, Indiana would blossom and sit at the throne as the King of Pop. MJ influenced the world but most importantly, he would influence and inspire the singers and rappers we listen to today. Here are a couple of entertainers that will always be moved by Michael.

1. Justin Timberlake – “There are many songs that have been written that are timeless but there are not many performances that were timeless. If you had a top ten list of performances at least seven or eight of them would involve Michael Jackson. He knew that he was gifted and that he could change the world.”

2. Chris Brown – “I was 17 for the World Music Awards. I did a tribute and Michael Jackson was there. I got a chance to meet Michael Jackson, it was one of the greatest experiences in my career. It was my goal to work with him. We were working on records. God had other plans though. I was inspired by him and he represented why we do this.”

3. Elle Varner – “My inspiration is Michael Jackson. He was the first black artists to have his video on MTV. He didn’t just change black culture, he changed the direction of music. He kind of blurred the line of what is black music. Back then it was easier to say artists like Cream and Eric Clapton had taken more of a “black sound”. This new sound was massive …it was called Rock & Roll. Now you have Eminem who is one of the greatest rappers. You also have Tracy Chapman that is folk or rock. He made that possible. He truly represents what it is to be an artist and not just a singer. That is why he has been able to do what others haven’t been able to do … he is fearless. The whole world can sing his songs.”

4. P. Diddy – “Michael Jackson made me see the beat.”

5. Jay- Z – “My favorite album is “Off The Wall”. It is difficult to say what your favorite album is but I would have to [pick] this album. “Off The Wall” was timeless. It didn’t have a genre. It was colorless. It was ageless. The whole family could listen to it. The album had huge records. They were so emotional!”

6. Marsha Ambrosius – “Butterflies was the top song I gave away. When he called me about the song I fell to the floor and that’s before we met. I screamed at the top of my lungs. I don’t think I will ever process it; only when I hear the record and I think I spent two weeks with that man and his kids. We went to L.A. to mix the record. I got to do that with Michael Jackson. I didn’t pitch it, he heard it and reached out. It meant so much to me anyway, but because he passed it means so much more.

7. 50 Cent – “I didn’t actually have the chance to meet Mike but my DJ Whoo Kid did. He connected us and I was actually nervous on the phone. I usually don’t care about other artists but Mike is special. He is different. Michael was a legend.”

8. R. Kelly – “Growing up in my household there was the porch, mosquitoes, little fire burning and my step fathers A-track. They would play some Blues … B.B. King and gossip about the neighbors. Music kept us together. Michael had that power to bring people together. He had a great impact before I met him growing up as a child. I felt I knew Mike. I had great opportunity to write for him. He was like any other friend or brother of mine. He was very funny, very kind and very real. He was a person that wanted to love people that wanted to love people and wanted to love through his music. He wanted all wars to stop. He believed in one world love.”

9. Beyonce – “I have been a fan of Michael Jackson since I was a baby. I got a chance to meet him and he was sitting on the side of the stage. I couldn’t sing; I started to scream right on the stage. I couldn’t hold it … I couldn’t take it ”

10. Usher – “There are not many artists that can say that they were not influenced or even entertained by him (Michael Jackson). I was able to pay tribute to him. The song spoke to the reality that was in everyone’s heart. His death was unbelievable.”

It’s all about Michael Jackson’s spirit living on through artists and fans throughout the world. People that have all been touched by his passion that transformed into a loving feeling we can not explain. It can only be heard and experienced. How has Michael Jackson lived on in your life? What is your favorite song, album or performance?

R.I.P. Michael Jackson. May your spirit continue to touch the hearts of fans around the world.