5 Reasons We Want To Tweet The Southern Hummingbird

Tweet me please! I don’t mean the social network. I am talking about the soft sultry singer-songwriter that blessed us with her voice in 2002 with the album entitled “Southern Hummingbird”. Every artist has a role to play and her role has definitely not been filled in her absence. There is something calming, relaxing and reflective about her voice and sound. The vibe and the feeling is just right. As she gears up to release “Trouble” and uses her #TweetTuesdays as a platform to promote her music, we await a missed sound. There are a lot of Tweeters out there and they are waiting for her honest energy and music. Her are a couple reasons we need Tweet back in the mix.

Mood – Tweet can create a mood in the room that might either make you want to take your clothes off or that of your significant others. Her sound is groovy and just feels good. Songs like “Smoking Cigarettes” and “Taxi” really give you the feeling of smoking while feeling how she feels.

Lyrics – She has a way with words. Her title of singer-songwriter is truly earned. Songs like “Beautiful” helped us understand how lyrics can move people.

Voice – Soft, gentle, emotional and captivating are words that describes Tweet’s voice. She sings like an angle; it seems so effortless. She also has a voice that is unique compared to the sea of voices on the radio that seem to all blend together. Please don’t be mistaken, because despite her soft gentle sound, she could blow when she needs to. She has an extraordinary voice that is always filled with emotion. She’s not called the Southern Hummingbird for no reason.

Versatile – Even though tweet had a gentle sound on her album, her singles usually had a more aggressive sound. With the help of producers such as Missy Elliot and Timbaland, she was able to mix hard beats with a sweet voice. In short, it was and still is magic. Songs like “Call Me”, “Turn The Lights Off” and “Oops (Oh My)“.

Story – After a failed run at fame with a group called Sugah, Tweet moved back home depressed. She would consider suicide after going through more trials and tribulations with rocky relationships. However, as Missy prepared for her album entitled “Miss E… So Addictive,” she called on an old friend to help with background vocals and the rest was history. Tweet still calls Missy her guardian angel

With new songs like “C 4eva” and “Trouble“, it seems like we will get another album that will let the world know that R&B is not dead …yet it just sleeps from time to time.