10 Best Rap Songs 50 Cent Sung The Hook On

Mr. Curtis Jackson sprang from the mean streets of South Side Queens with one mission…to seek and destroy. He jacked industry artists for beats, displaying his spoils on gritty mixtapes, which flooded the airwaves with fresh styles. Or at least at that time, it was fresh and innovative, but later it would be cultivated and molded to mimic a style he craft fully destroyed. Another rapper by the name of Ja Rule, who was managed by Murder Inc’s Irv Gotti, had the industry in a frenzy at that point and had no problem crossing over with his “sing songy” sound. It was this artist from Hollis Queens which 50 Cent criticized for his melodic style. As 50 Cent destroyed Ja Rule’s career and his reputation, he slowly adopted his style.

The style he so adamantly attacked became his. Who would have thought that he would have been one of the rappers to usher in the “singing rapper’s era”. (How ironic … ask Rick Ross and Kamye West) Here are a several of 50 Cent’s songs which he showed the world how well a gangster could sing:

Check out the below playlist and tell us your favorite “raps,” which 50 Cent sang on?


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