Rihanna to be Interviewed by Oprah For ‘Next Chapter,’ Spotted Leaving Studio

Mogul Oprah Winfrey is beginning to step into the pop culture realm when it comes to interviewees. Usually booking legendary actor, music, and sports figures to give their take on life inspiration, the business woman is admitting to setting sights on current pop-culture figures to boost ratings.

In an interview with Kemp Parchment she states, “It’s the television business. So when people say, ‘Are you trying to get ratings?’ Everybody who’s on television is trying to get ratings,” she says. “For 25 years I tried not to think about ratings. I just did what I did because I had a contract that gave me the freedom of not [to] worry about ratings. But this is a business.”

Interviewing the Kardashians and 50 Cent proved to be a success with the ratings boost. Now Oprah has superstar Rihanna lined up next to be featured on Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’ interview list.

The interview is scheduled to air sometime in August on the OWN Network.

In related news, RiRi was spotted leaving Music Bank Studios in London earlier today. She rocked a black skully hat, a long grey t-shirt with Tupac’s ‘Thug Life’ tattoo printed on it, patterned black shorts and sneakers. As previously reported, the pop star has began work on her seventh studio album.

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