Keri Hilson, Others ‘Do Something’ by Volunteering at High School

As part of Bing and’s “Summer of Doing” campaign, stars Keri Hilson, Ludacris, and the group Far East Movement volunteered their time to help restore Osborne High School near Atlanta. The school is the oldest in Cobb County.

Along with other volunteers, Hilson helped paint a mural outside the school cafeteria. “It gives your life a purpose and you may not realize that when you’re young, but it really does give you a sense of appreciation,” the singer says.

Keri is no stranger to volunteering. She says while growing up, her mother encouraged giving back to the community. The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer tells CNN, “In Decatur, we would feed the homeless many, many, many Saturday’s. We had to wake up during the un-Godly hours and pack their lunches in brown paper bags.”

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