R&B Tweets of the Week

Live from Twitter nation Singersroom “reports” on some of the more interesting, funny and inspirational lines from our favorite entertainers. Who said you can’t mean what you say and say what you mean in less than 140 characters? Not Singersroom or it’s legends of true music fans. To the fans, which eagerly follow their favorite artists, it’s like being part of the family and a priceless way to stay connected. Who cares if it’s just for a couple lines?

Artists tapped the community lifeline to say how they feel at the moment. How cool would it have been if Michael Jackson tweeted live from the Neverland Ranch or Charlie Murphy actually tweet pic’d Rick James stomping on Eddie Murphy’s couch back in the day? Since we didn’t get those moments we were able to get some lines from some interesting characters from the present day. Solange denounced the crown of queen of natural hair, Dave Hollister pops a powerful blow to Tiffany Evans’ female hater nation and Erykah gives you advice you might or might not be able to follow. All in all the masses eat it up and will always be thirsty for more.

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