Sex-Tapes We May Like to See…

Sex-tapes, which made millions run to local websites with popcorn for a personal premiere, have lost their shock value. It’s probably because we are barraged almost daily by sexual photo leaks, wardrobe malfunctions, mindless tweets and more sex-tapes than ever before.

Whether it’s a Basketball Wives, Football Wives or anybody at a point with some name recognition looking for a few more seconds of fame, it seems like they could have found it by throwing an episode on the internet. Now it feels like people may overlook the seemingly daily sex leaks because, well, the trend is getting old and tired. We are on to the next one.

What would rekindle the people’s love for private bedroom videos? Would it take a good controversy home video from our favorite celebrities? Don’t act like you didn’t Worldstar for one. Here are a few sex-tapes that would stop and send us on a website search and actually be worth it:

Jay-z & Beyonce
The superstar couple maintains all of their loving secrets, which makes us more curious about what goes on in their bedroom. A peek inside of the “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” might spark our interest. It would be interesting to know how they conceived their first super baby, Blue Ivy.

Even though Miguel has addressed questions of his sexual orientation, people will not be satisfied until they can see first hand how he handles the good ol’ “Quickie.”

Erykah Badu & Her Former Lovers
Every dude (and some ladies) froze their computer screens to get a glance of Ms. Badu’s booty on “Window Seat.” She has pulled a couple of gorgeous men – Andre3000 & Common – that most women dream to be with. Is it more than her green eyes?

The-Dream & ???
The-Dream doesn’t make a woman do a double take but he always seems to find himself with a beautiful woman even before the fame. Is it his music or the bedroom skills?

What R&B singer would you like to see in a sex-tape?