Trigga Trey’s Love Cheat Sheet: 5 Signs of Songz

Trey Songz has been dropping hints on his records throughout his career that has told ladies how to win his heart. With the help of the stars and his lyrics, we have created a cheat sheet that may help you become the apple of his eye; that’s if you ever were lucky enough to link up with this superman. Here are a couple of jedi mind tricks for Mr. Tremaine Aldon Neverson.

1. Sagittarius is a free soul, he does not like to be forced to do anything. For him, commitment is not something he jumps into or takes lightly.

Advice: Make sure to give him his space to roam, he will come back. “Gotta Go” from his first studio album ‘I Gotta Make It,’ exposed his desire to be free. He also talks about how he will come back to the one he loves.

2. Give him (Sagittarius) the opportunity to explore his mind. On tour constantly, Trey is never idle and he sees his life as a constant opportunity to explore and conquer new things.

Advice: Keep his mind stimulated and focused on “new explorations.” On “Last Time,” Trigga explains his desire to explore might get him in trouble sometimes. This song shows the fight between his exploratory nature and his loyalty for his lady.

3. Smile! He is all about positive energy and enjoying life. He will always smile and make others smile when they are having a bad day. It’s something about his smile.

4. As a Sagittarius, it is important that he is in control of his future and destiny. Being insecure and clingy are two things that will turn him off. Use those Jedi Mind tricks to make him feel that he is the king and he will never leave the castle. YERP!

Advice: “I Gotta Make It” is his declaration that he has to be in control of his future. He wants his significant other to support these dreams.

5. Freedom … freedom … freedom! He needs his freedom and if he does not get this he will walk away from you.

Advice: “I Need A Girl”- It is rewarding to know that when you are patient, hold him down as he explores and are the right one, he will make you his girl. —— By: DOC


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