Chris Brown: Makings of a Man

Chris Brown is the definition of a man, not because of his strengths but for continually being able to overcome his imperfections. It is his fearlessness and ability to defy the odds that has helped him come out on top. We are going to focus not on mistakes but what qualities make him a great man. As he stands tall with his loyal fans behind him, we look further into the makings of a man that has grown before our eyes…Chris Brown.

Talent – Chris Brown is a singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, graffiti artist amongst other things. However, it seems almost unfair that one person could be so talented. As a singer and songwriter, who made his recording debut in late 2005 with the self-titled album “Chris Brown” at the age of 16, he has made a name for himself in a very short time. Now at the age of 22, Chris has completed five studio albums, headlined on four tours, has won 39 awards and nominated for 111 which include MTV Video Music Awards, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and countless Grammy nominations. If that wasn’t enough for a young adult, Chris has also been in four movies. Being talented doesn’t really explain how much this young man has to offer the world. His talent is only one part of what makes Chris Brown a man.

Charismatic – I don’t know if it’s his smile or maybe he just has that Bruce Leroy glow but there is something special about Chris Brown. He’s not just talented, he possess a certain charisma that people gravitate to. His diehard fans are a testament to the charisma and star quality he possesses. They will go to war for him…literally.

Funny/Personality – The ability to make people laugh and having a fun loving personality is always a plus. Chris seems to have this covered. If he’s not fooling around doing the Dougie at a club for fans or playing pranks on tour, he is cracking jokes with family and friends.

Resourceful – People basically counted him out when he went through that situation years back. However, a young Chris Brown decided to push forward and express the man that he had become through a critically acclaimed mixtape “In The Zone,” which would be followed by classic mixtapes such as “Fan of a Fan” featuring Tyga, “In The Zone II” and “Boy In Detention.” These mixtapes served as a declaration of his manhood and caused people to listen to what this young man had to say. His resourcefulness is definitely something that makes the ladies love him even more.

Physique – I think if I fail to mention his physique and physical attributes I would receive threats so let’s get into what makes Chris Brown a man physically.

• Smile – A smile always welcomes you in and makes a person approachable. Chris has a full smile with lots of healthy white teeth. You cannot put a price on a nice smile and white teeth! Yellow shark teeth could be the deal breaker!
• Height – Some people are blessed with it and some are not. Ladies love a man that is tall, light and handsome.
• Six Pack – Who doesn’t love a six pack? Exactly … winning!
• Cute Puppy Dog Face – Some people are blessed with an “innocent face” and Chris is one of them. With that puppy dog face he still has a bad boy feel.


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