5 R&B Artists That Would Fit On The Cash Money Young Money (CMYM) Team

Cash Money is an army better yet a Navy, declared B.G. back in 1999. I guess at that time B.G. was saying that Cash Money was and still is a transforming power to be reckoned with. This label has been around since the white tee wearing “Bling Bling Era” and has thrived.

Cash Money Records has been able to come from the rough inner city streets of New Orleans’s to a welcoming worldwide audience. You can say whatever you want to say about the tall, shy Slim or the flamboyant five star headed Baby but these entrepreneurs and music moguls have set the standard for not only Hip Hop but for R&B and Pop music. They are a colorful, eclectic and diverse bunch but with additions such as Drake, Jay Sean, Nicki Minaj and newcomer PJ Morton. It is safe to say this Navy is sailing past the competition. We took the liberty of picking a couple R&B artists that might be an asset to Cash Money/Young Money Millionaires.

1. Mike Posner
I would love to say being a white boy in an urban market has no effect on the music and the way it is received but that might not be the truth. Artists such as Mike Posner, Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke have been accepted into the urban market. Partly because people are still fascinated by a Caucasian that can dance and sing with some soul. Mike Posner is not a great artist because of his skin but because he has the necessary skills. This kid’s voice is unique and he writes clever lyrics. He is exactly what Cash Money needs.

2. Kelis
She has been taking it easy after she divorced one of the hottest rappers alive, Nasty Nas but she still has enough milk to make all the boys come to the yard. The Harlem girl has never been scared to be different or mix it up with the rappers by beginning her journey with The Neptune’s and collaborating with some of the best in the Hip Hop game. It is a no brainier that Kelis would bring an edgy style that would balance Nicki Minaj’s Barbie barrage and still complement Shanell.

3. T-Pain
He has continued to support the Cash Money team throughout the years through collaborations. This Florida native took the game by storm by reintroducing auto-tune in a way that changed the texture of music forever. It is his ingenuity and fearlessness that helped usher in a new sound in R&B as well as Hip Hop. I think Cash Money already knows that T-Pain would work well on the team.

4. Jhene Aiko
She has a sexy refreshing style which is a perfect blend of sensuality and originality. This singer, songwriter and poet from L.A. would give Cash Money/Young Money depth as a voice and as a writer. The exotic Jhene signed a recording contract with Kanye’s famed producer No I.D. and is now part of the record label Artium which is distributed through Def Jam Recordings. We only wonder what could have been if Baby would have picked her up?

5. The Weeknd
Abel Tesfaye has always been mysterious but he would never shy away from his support of fellow Toronto native, Drake. (I guess Toronto is the South circa 1990’s.) However, The Weeknd’s brand of Emo&B showcased in his last three mixtapes has had an undertone and mood which reflects the “partying life.” This hypnotic sound would work well with the drowsy voice of Lil Wayne or the emotion-driven style of Drake. Only time will tell where this mystifying crooner will end up.

Record labels like Roc-a-fella, Death Row and Bad Boy have throughout time looked to build a diverse team that would touch the masses. However, Cash Money has been able to consistently build their empire and stay relevant by crossing genre barriers and flourishing by embracing individuality. Their roster is a testament to their global approach to music. The artists listed are just a couple people that would be interesting to see on their roster. Let’s see what the Cash Money Millionaires dream up next and what R&B artists they will introduce to the world.

Who do you think will be next to join the mighty Cash Money Empire?
—— By: Deyior Dunbar


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