Singersroom’s Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is here and you’re running out of time. There’s still a little time to put something under the tree besides an IOU note. Shop our last minute gift guide and get it all under the tree in time.

1. For the newlywed couple, hosts for the holidays or your classy cousin, get the Social Light Ambiance candle/grill lighter. The tiny torch brings some much-needed elegance to a household gadget that is generally relegated to the junk drawer. Find it on priced from $30-$63 for nine different styles including a leather wrapped handle. It beats a book of matches from the dive bar by a mile. (

2. What is a snood? Also called an infinity scarf, it’s a circular scarf that closes into a continuous loop. The gift of a warm neck on a freezing cold day is perfect for a little sister, friendly neighbor or work-wife. They’re sold all over from street corners to boutiques but a good option for $30 is this faux fur version from the Gap. (

3. For the ambitious, refined and stylish man, who believes that forward is the only movement there is, aka your man, there’s the new Rocawear Evolution fragrance for men. The masculine scent boasts notes of Oriental woods, warm musk and amber. Trey Songs, the new face of Evolution, lends his signature swag to the scent. You’ll have to hide it from your dude when crowds of screaming ladies start showing up everywhere he goes though. You’ve been warned. $52 for 1.7 ounces

4. For the IT guy of the family or the techie step-sister who taught you Photoshop, the new Swatch Touch with color touch display is the perfect option. The Swiss watchmaker’s new collection of timekeepers features big-screen LCD dials. The interface lets users sweep through the functions with ease using finger-taps and sideways scrolls-no pushbuttons. Futuristic pop art styling makes it a cool collectible. Check the pink and camo colors – our favorites. $140.

5. Jewelry of the Month Club. That is all. Let me just thank J. Crew on behalf of all the ladies out there. We’d also like to know what took so long? You might not be ready to rock her ring finger out but 12 months of solid jewelry choices will probably buy you the time you need to save up for an engagement ring. I know I’m rationalizing jewelry with more jewelry but there’s never too much of a great thing. The price tag is $850 for the year, which breaks down to about $70 a month. That’s nothing for a year’s worth of happiness and next year you can get her the Cashmere of the Month Club because you clearly have great taste.

6. For the boss, mentor or early-adopter parent, get the zipped leather iPad 2 case from Smythson of Bond Street. It’s highly stylish and super practical as a home for the device. Chip in with your team to split the $500 price tag. Gold stamping will cost an additional $12 per letter so keep monogramming short and sweet. Your boss will show it off when he’s meeting with the big wigs and your mom will show it off at her e-book club meetings. —— By: Cynthia Caban


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