Occupy the Radio: This Isn’t What We Want to Hear

Listening to the radio has become similar to popping in a mixtape of the most popular artists and repeating ten songs for a month long. It is like eating the same dinner for thirty days, nobody wants that.

Radio stations face two big complaints from WE THE PEOPLE beginning with the many commercials and ending with the lack of diversity in music variety. Although radio doesn’t come with hidden fees as with big banks, the big corporations that own these radio stations have diminished the amount of freedom on the airwaves over the years.

Disc jockeys have become accustomed to only playing top songs of the time. These same people decide the selection of songs and the amount of spins, not the listeners. The programmers should be listening to THE PEOPLE’s musical interest and fulfilling them. There was a time when DJ’s gave new music a chance and allowed listeners the opportunity to keep or kick the record. There was diversity amongst the songs and genres played. Now the songs in the top ten countdown are the same ones being played repetitively with a blend of throwback songs.

Commercial radio and record labels are working together, leaving the consumer out of the deal. They are in charge of what you listen to. Corporate influence has to come to an end and like the protestors in Zuccotti Park (Occupy Wall St) fighting against economic inequality and corporate greed, our radio airwaves should play a diverse range of music the consumers wants to hear.

Until then, radio stations will continue to compete against internet radio providers such as Pandora and other satellite radio providers.
—— By: Johnell Smalls


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