10 Predictions For Season II of Love & Hip Hop

The ladies of Love and Hip Hop are back for a second season with a few additions to the cast.

Season Two adds Yandy Smith, manager of Jim Jones and Kimbella Vanderhee, mother of rapper Juelz Santana’s kids.

Judging from the super trailer released by VH1, many houses will be tuned in November 14, 2011 for the drama filled season of Love and Hip Hop.

Here are 10 predictions we can expect from the second season of the show:

1. More Squabbles
The trend of throwing water in faces will appear in this season along with a few jabs, kicks and chokes.

2. The Loner
Everyone cannot be be friends and for this reason someone is bound to be the outcast. Jim Jones manager’s, Yandy Smith will likely be the loner based on the cast respect for Chrissy. It could be a struggle for her to maintain a friendship with the cast.

3. Family Issues
The struggle for maintaining Chrissy’s and Emily’s household will arise as the ladies protect their heart’s and family. Whether it’s Chrissy not getting along with Mama Jones or Jim Jones delaying the final commitment of the relationship the Jones family household is in flux.

Emily set the tone for her future in the trailer, saying she’s thinking about moving her family but it may cause a wider rift between her and Fabolous.

4. He say, she say.
Confrontations are bound to occur when trust issues appear in the small clique. With words flying out people’s mouth someone will mention something that another person wasn’t pleased with then not own up to their words.

5. Men Bashing
The men in the lives of the ladies of Love and Hip Hop will upset them at some point and it may not be a full blast #IHATEYOU but it will get them chattering.

6. Fashion Sense
The females have an awesome fashion sense as displayed in Season One. Season Two is sure to bring sexy dresses, cute tops and bad shoes.

7. Career Confusion
Olivia and Somaya will continue to work on their budding music careers and Emily will attempt to take her clothing line a step farther.

8. Crying
Females are emotional and we cry when we’re hurt. Tears will be a silent recurring guest.

9. Laughter/Foolery
The comic relief will come into play with Mama Jones most likely. In the trailer, she makes a diss song especially for Chrissy.

10. Friendship
Some of the women are truly friends and you can tell by watching Season One. Chrissy and Olivia seems to get along great. We can expect to see this friendship grow.
—— By: Johnell Smalls


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