10 of the Sexiest Halloween Costumes for Girlfriends and Off Limits for Daughters!

Halloween: the world’s most scantily clad holiday! Women everywhere flood the Ricky’s of America fervently finding the right costume to out-hooch one another, and men applaud our efforts! Well not all of us… Check out 10 of the sexiest costumes that guys would love to see their girlfriend or wife wear (mostly anything short, gripping, occupational, or comes with either a hat or an accent) and wish their sisters and daughters would never touch!

Playboy Bunny

Every man daydreams about being Hugh Hefner for one day: he lives in a robe, harvests rabbits, and is a living legend. You have the power to help him live out this dream and you’re only a bunny tail away from glory… “I love seeing girls in Playboy outfits because they look like prizes. A prize that I’d like to win but seeing my daughter in that would give me nightmares…”- Elliot, 36

By Guerdley of WWMD

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