Day26’s Challenge of Making It Without Diddy

Working with Diddy can be high pressure. Working without Diddy can be high pressure as well. Especially if you previously worked with him.

Day26, the last band Diddy created, went through the many struggles as past bands and built a solid fan base. With two albums peaking at number one while working with Diddy, obstacles for Day26 may arise while working without Diddy.

We saw Diddy’s intense work ethic on several MTV and VH1 reality shows. He’s made a few bands and looked for personal assistants and in all endeavors, there’s a fire lit under every artist. Day26 new album, ‘A New Day’ is short of a group member, Que and does not have Bad Boy Records backing. This could be good or bad.

1. No More Reality TV at Atlantic Records

Because they were formed on TV, the viewers of Making the Band 4 gained fans episode by episode. They fell in love with the guys personality, their struggling success, and everything outside of that. Day26 will have to find another outlet to gain fans.

2. Wholeheartedly Support From Diddy

The Bad Boy backing could be a good or bad thing. You knew you were working with some type of talent if Diddy had anything to do with it. With Bad Boy out of the picture, Day26 may not have access to the Rolodex of Diddy’s connections.

3. Creative Control

The group told Singersroom they have a lot more creative control working on this new album than the two previous. One thing Diddy does have is a good ear and hopefully Day26 isn’t overdoing the creativity.

4. Show Us What You Got

When the camera is turned off and it’s time to really entertain your fans, Day26 will have to show exactly where their talent lies. Of course they can sing but will they be able to carry and manage themselves without their founder: Diddy.
—— By: Johnell Smalls


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