Say No To Drugs: The Demise of Music Careers

If it’s anything you’ve ever learned in grade school, it was to say no to drugs. There were D.A.R.E. programs, school assembly programs, and countless TV commercials all stressing the point to steer clear of drugs. While many I’m sure still decided to partake in recreational drugs during high school and after, their current life may be reflective of such. As a youngster, unknowingly, you look to celebrities as role models. Actors, actresses, models, but most of all musicians all play an imperative role in how you may view the world and what decisions you may make in the future.

You would think that maybe celebrities would take this into consideration as they live their luxurious lives. Unfortunately, they don’t. How many musicians have we watched tumble down the musical success road with drugs in tow. If you can’t think of any, here are a few…..

Bobby Brown. This so charmingly donned by his ex-wife “King of R&B” has proven all the commercials correct when they popularly quote “this is your brain on drugs”. Since the early 90s Brown has tickled us with his crazy antics. We noticed a distinct change in his behavior around 1992-1993 when he began his marriage with Whitney Houston. His prerogative changed. With claims of being introduced to cocaine from Houston, the struggle to remain clean was a long journey. Bobby used cocaine, heroin and marijuana. Managing the many facets of his life including drugs, his shaky marriage and kids, music fell by the wayside. His press now focused on his drug addiction and his marriage. No longer were we impressed with his music, but intrigued by his personal life. Thus, the crash of his career.

Whitney Houston. Houston also had us furrowing our brows with her shenanigans. That harmonious voice that we all tried to imitate in the mirror while singing “And I Will Always Love You” quickly diminished. Her high vocals reached a new low. Weight loss, jitters and straight up coke head tendencies were evident. With vast amounts of money, Houston was no longer concerned with music but of finding her young womanhood. Partying and having fun, carefree was her quest and she tagged along Bobby Brown. Yes, we probably will always love her, but drugs definitely moved us to do it from afar. To date, Houston is still struggling with substance abuse and earlier this year voluntarily entered a rehab program.

Amy Winehouse. Gone too soon, this British songbird left a dent embedded in our hearts. Besides her jazzy, soulful voice we vividly remember drugs and alcohol in association with her name. Continuing her stubbornness throughout her music career, rehab was out of the question, she even sung about it. Death reports link no illegal drugs to her system at the time of death but her track record can’t help but to make us think differently. At 27, she is a prime example of how precious talent can be wasted in a blink of an eye.

Sly Stone. Sly (68) of the 70s band Sly and The Family Stone proves that addiction is real. His substance abuse problems caused him to step away from the magically famous band. Almost thirty years later, he is still fighting his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Late September 2011, he spoke of checking into a rehab facility where he confirms he will stay until he is better. Living out of a van in L.A., he still plans to write and record. Unfortunately, if you are not fully functional then music is not made, which for us is always a disappointment.

DMX. Damn, “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” was a phenomenal album. We fell in love with this cool, wild, delusional, hardcore lyricist that always had us pumped for no reason. His psychotic delivery along with his barking always had us thinking, “He’s high”. After his fourth album “The Great Depression” in 2001, he started to slip away from us with his constant run-ins with the law. Always wired, DMX is a thrill to watch. From animal cruelty to drugs, specifically cocaine and marijuana, DMX has now become just another statistic in the criminal system. His frequent trips to jail make it impossible to produce anything. Rehab is on the menu right along with another album.

If any lesson is to be learned from the above, it is to Say No to Drugs! Sometimes personally and musically, there really is no turning back. —— By: JournalisticChic


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