5 Reasons Boyz II Men Remained Unified

Boy bands typically do not turn into men bands. After 20 years of making music and breaking chart topping records, the harmonizing group Boyz II Men are still together and just released their 20th anniversary double CD called ‘Twenty.’

Frequently called the most successful R&B group of all time, Boyz II Men have been singing along each together since high school. Now in their late thirties, the trio (Michael McCray left the group in 2003 because of health issues) is still releasing new music. ‘Twenty’ is the group tenth studio album which includes 13 new songs and 8 remade classics.

This group defied the odds and remained together past their days rehearsing in high school bathrooms.

1. Built on Friendship
No one selected this group. They formed in high school creating a winning boy band and a new emotional sound in music.

2. True Talent
There was no front man in this group. Every singer had a chance to show off his vocal ability and each had a different sound to offer.

3. Motown Charm
Motown shaped the young men for famed. They joined a long list of excellent singers with superb talent. It was an equal match for Motown and Boys II Men.

4. Perfect Formula
They often used the same producers such as Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Dallas Austin to name a few. When you have a perfect formula why add another ingredient?

5. Career Minded Individuals
Because Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman began this group in high school, singing became their careers and retirement doesn’t seem near.

—— By: Johnell Smalls


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