Why You Should Date a Republican

Step outside your narrow-minded effervescence for a second.

Republicans are people too. Every person has a good quality or qualities that they exude. When dating you look for various details i.e. beauty, personality, style, wealth, personal interests, etc. Sometimes you may overlook a potential beau based on their political stance if different from yours. A Democrat probably wouldn’t date a Republican for fear of constant debates that would spill over into conversations during dinner and eventually into the future of their relationship. While this may hold truth, the old cliché goes “opposites attract”.

Read on and consider 5 reasons you should date a Republican:

*Disclaimer: The below is not written to offend or take a position. Sensitive readers please hit the back arrow.

He/She will encourage you to be an entrepreneur. Republicans support logical business regulations and always encourage the notion of entrepreneurship. Establish a free market and people will continue to be innovative. They possess founder genes. No longer are financial issues apart of your arguments for he/she is a stickler for success at any measure. They will never be caught dead in line at the welfare office and hopefully neither will you. Nice!

He/She is family-oriented. There is power in an individual who supports his/her family. Republicans thrive off of this. Their main concern is self and family. The success of their family is imperative and obtained at any costs. Say goodbye to the weak-minded for they only think in pursuit of power. Power can however, become troublesome and selfish when tested.

He/She is a hard worker. Less government and more people, there are no handouts over here. They reap what they sow and pay like they weigh (sometimes begrudgingly). Their vision is wealth not rich, long-term not short-term. They like to have a strong hand in their future, wouldn’t you? Laziness is a disturbing never thought. You will never come home to a couch potato.

He/She will help you control your spending. With beliefs that people should authorize tax increases and not the government, their eye is always on the prize, their money. While shopping sprees are not a thing of the past, you will spend and always keep money in your pocket, the best of both worlds. Personal responsibility is prevalent.

He/She will support you in your education. Education is key as well as being in tune with your surroundings and what can help you out in this society. Knowledge is power. Their education is not reliant upon television news and YouTube. Reading and math are the core essential studies that they believe will lead to their success as well as their children. You will forever have someone who is interested in your education and who will quiz you in preparation for your test. Be thankful.

Some say selfish, some say self-made. Would you date a Republican? —— By: JournalisticChic


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