Idris Elba Actor, Sex Symbol…Singer?

We have another one. Yet another actor turned musician who always had this undying love for music. This time it’s Idris Elba. Women can stare at the chocolate Brit all day and wouldn’t complain or mind if he sung his heart.

Big Driis, the R&B/Hip-Hop alter-ego of Idris Elba released a video for Private Garden. The song was featured on his 2010 EP, High Class Problems Vol 1. The project was released in the UK and Big Driis is currently working on his second EP.

But just like the other band of successful actors with their hidden love for music, some really don’t have it. It being the ability to last, to woo your fan with your singing ability rather than your looks, and most importantly the certified talent and passion behind your craft.

Here are some pros and cons to Big Driis forthcoming music career.

Pro (Nice sound): Who knew Stringer Bell could hold a note. In his first video, Private Garden, he ditches the raspy rough talk for a soothing and seducing melody.

Con (No Swag): Even though Big Driis very seducing with YouTube on mute, you can tell he has no swag behind his singing. He’s no Jamie Foxx and just a few notches below Terrance Howard.

Pro (New Flavor): He brings a new flavor to the music scene using his British accent, abandoning his filming American accent.

Con (Going Through the Motions): Big Driis is far less passionate than any of the characters Idris has played. Whether he’s singing or rapping, it seems as if he stumbled upon music.

Pro (Nice Looks): Talent often loses to looks. And Big Driis is sexy so whether he can sing or rap, he may have a healthy music career solely on this.

Con (What’s he talking about): What message is Driis trying to put out? What does he have to say that will different than other singers? The question is, why is Idris Elba tapping into a music career now, with an already established film background.

—— By: Johnell Smalls


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