Top 5: Why Numbers Do Lie

You don’t have to sell an album to be well known and just because you’re well known doesn’t mean you will sell an album.

Most fans look into the number of albums sold and compare this with talent. It shouldn’t be. Here’s a list on why consumers shouldn’t care about the numbers.

1. Most Big Names Purchase Their Own Albums
So I guess the phrase, women lie, men lie, but numbers don’t is quite false. Most big artist purchase a large amount of their own units to be recognized as the top selling artist. It’s a PR move in promotion, in hopes of people joining the bandwagon of purchasing the album.

2. Talented People Often Are Not Exposed Well
Being on a label with Beyonce dooms you because they will put all their promotion and money on her. Record labels don’t always play fair and will not put adequate time and money into you, if they have someone else who they believe is better.

3. Downloading Has Come To Haunt Us
Because it’s so easy to download music and whole albums, purchasing a CD is less likely if it’s available for free on the internet.

4. Just Appreciate the Music
Take a listen at some of the less sold albums and you might find that these artist have more talent than your favorite big name artist.

5. Most Artists Don’t Care Themselves
During the time of releasing an album, most artist are asked what numbers do they project. The reply more than likely has been, not caring or looking at the number because they make music for the fans. And for this reason, artist such as Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and Drake have released free music.

—— By: Johnell Smalls


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