5 Horribly Wrong Ways to Tell Your Girlfriend She’s Dating a Loser

We love it when our girlfriends meet nice guys. But what do you do when she falls in love with a loser besides issuing him the standard greeting: the arched eyebrow, the hand on the hip, and the epic straight-face?

In addition to expressing your unremitting disapproval make sure to devise a sensitive and effective way of telling your girlfriend that she’s dating a chump. And as you hem your speech together make sure to NOT do any of these 5 things:

5. Do Not Write an Anonymous Note
We all remember the note that caused the infamous Jersey Shore JWoww vs. Sammy brawl. Things got ugly as we all remember quite vividly. While the note was sprinkled with good intentions, it went horribly wrong because the recipient had no validation. Honestly, what would you do if you received a message in bottle forecasting some devastating news? You’d get a little aggy right? People need a primary source when being broken bad news. Hopefully for you they know not to kill the messenger…

4. Do Not Do It Publicly
Basketball Wives of Miami’s Jenn royally pissed off Evelyn with that one. Calling Chad Ochocinco, “A Media Whore” made Ev pull a whole heap of Bronx fury on Jenn’s poor self (damn shame too, Lord knows that girl’s been crying inside all season). Here’s a fact to remember for the rest of your damn life: Women in love are like guard dogs for their men. So if you’re going to say something about the down a** bishe’s man, make sure it’s quietly and/or to directly to her face.

3. Do Not Say, “I told you so”
Simply because you’ll look like an a**hole.

2. Do Not Compare Her Relationship to the More Successful Relationships of Other Family Members or Mutual Friends
‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians Kourtney knows Scott is a crud bucket, that’s why she doesn’t want to marry the chump (Disclaimer: Kourtney has never said this, but hey, I’m an emotional reader!). Besides dealing with the reality that her baby daddy is a tool, Kourt has to deal with the scrutiny of comparisons; she’s constantly being compared to her little sister’s successful relationship. Simply put, that sucks. No one likes being compared and it’s a sure fire way to make someone grow defensive every time.

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