Relationships: Cheaters Never Win

Those of you who have cheated on someone in the past, have been cheated on, cheated on a test, or done anything with the hopes of getting away with it understand the lure and intrigue of deception and essentially “having your cake and eating it too.”

In terms of logic, it would be foolish to not try and cheat, if you know the probability and statistics of error. In terms of morals, it would be immoral to venture down that path. Yet, more often than not logic will defeat moral principles (or at least people will believe they are being logical at the time).

The lengths to which people will go once they have cheated also suggest that morals have nothing to do with their decision. The only moral decision may be to prevent the one they care about from being hurt, which may or may not be moral since it could be argued that “the truth shall set you free.”

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggest that there is a way to detect cheaters that people naturally possess. This is based, researchers say, on the value system among others. In other words, when you are not receiving the pillars of a strong relationship that your significant other should be providing, a red flag goes up. This I believe is true, however, what if you’re dealing with an advanced mature cheater? He/She will do everything they can to make things seem normal and their cheating adventures a part of their everyday life to not cause suspicion. If they are cheating with a colleague at work for example, than it is even harder to detect because them staying late, or going business dinners is not out of the ordinary.

For those who scream, “cheaters never win,” think again! I spoke with a number of men and women that opened up about their cheating adventures (or misadventures, depending how you look at it) and found that none of them were ever discovered, or felt any remorse for their actions (they live to cheat another day).

Now I’m not trying to promote cheating. Instead I am telling a simple truth. I also found that a good number of people don’t want to know if their significant other is cheating.


· Their fragile hearts couldn’t take it
· They are happy with the way things are and ignorance is bliss
· They are guilty of relationship crimes themselves and are ok with quid pro quo
· They have an agenda of their own (i.e. financial security, etc.)

So, is it logical to cheat if you know you can get away with it? And what does it mean about your relationship if you can get away with it? People in relationships strive to give each other space, but how much space is too much space? I’m not so sure if cheaters never win.

—— By: Michael Richie


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