Why I’m Iffy On Dudes Who Don’t Appreciate R&B

The one thing I actually love about getting older are the patterns in life that finally hit you as just that-patterns. And no matter what anyone freaking says, patterns give you permission to analyze. Why? Simply because they’re not rooted in luck or circumstance, just one sturdy-ass sequence (and if you’re not feeling that, holler at the millions of sociologists who get cut checks just for studying patterns).

Okay anyways…

R&B. Men. Men who don’t appreciate R&B. I’m going to make this quick.

There’s this thing called hyper-masculinity that I really can’t stand so I try my best to dodge it. Really because everything in excess has detrimental side effects. Everything. I can only deal with hyper-femininity in measured doses as well. Anyways! A dude who appreciates R&B (and not just to “set the mood”) is usually one who’s in touch with his feminine side. (Sidebar! Guys that get uncomfortable with any mention of “feminine side”… I’m good on them too.) And dudes who are in tune with this emotive wing-just as women who are in tune with their masculine wing-tend to be more balanced human beings. Which is what we’re all striving to be. Or at least when you’re 25 and climbing, right?

Now I’m friends with a shit load of hyper-masculine dudes. Love a lot of them. But having them as boyfriends would be excessive. And guess what the one common trait 90% of them share is? They don’t eff with slow jams or Kanye’s emonstrous 808s & Heartbreak for a matter of fact.

All the above troubles me, but then I think about all this genre-bending music and I feel relieved. Shout out to de-conditioning Drizzy!

Now I know yall are probably like Trazy and another one of her wild stipulations, but I’d rather be picky with character rather than aesthetic… though my mother always did tell me to date a guy with an obvious flaw… but that’s another blog post.

Enjoy the dating world kids. —— By: Tracy of WWMD


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