Novel’s COLD FACTS of Love

Singer/rapper/Songwriter Novel plays to the role of a love and relationship sensei, dropping COLD FACTs on Twitter. The Grammy nominated talent, who has written or produced songs for Lauryn Hill, Beyonce, Lionel Richie and Talib Kweli, is able to identify with both male and female perspectives thru his experiences. If you want to read the truth, Novel’s COLD FACTS are directed for your eyes to read and heart to analyze.

COLD FACT: “Some of the best things in life are unseen. That’s why we close our eyes when we kiss, cry, and dream.”

COLD FACT: “Women play hard to get ………. because men play hard to keep.”

COLD FACT: “Look at it this way ladies, Sometimes love gone wrong…….. is actually life gone right.”

COLD FACT: “Why do so many women fake orgasm?…….. Because so many men fake whole relationships.”

COLD FACT: “Great love leads to great sex…… and NOT the other way round.”

COLD FACT: “A good partner is like a strong wall. Sometimes you lean on them & sometimes it’s just enough to know they’re there.”

COLD FACT: “A woman cries, not bcuz shes weak. Its because Shes been strong for TOO LONG.”

COLDFACT: “Many women problems can be traced 2 the male gender-MENstruation, MENopause, MENtal breakdown, GUYnecology, HIMmorrhoids”

Read more COLD FACTs by following Novel on Twitter @IamNovel —— By: Staff


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