WWMD Talk: My Biggest Nightmare… He Asked Me to Pay for Dinner

Ok so, I’ve never actually been asked to pay for dinner BUT, most recently, a guy got pretty freaking close to doing it! lol

Here’s the Big Question of the Day: When the bill comes…Who should pay for it?

“Not I” said the cat. Lately, there have been a lot of discussions on the WWMD pages addressing the topic of 1st dates/dinner dates and who should pay. On one hand, you have females like my co-host NK who’s more than willing to pay and then you have females like myself and Guerdley who feel like… “ehhhh… that’s not really necessary.”

“Trifling” you call it? I’m praying that I can get a date after this but my loyalty is with you, my readers, so I’ll make a sacrifice.

Why Should a Female Never Have to Pay on a 1st Date?

Well, I feel that it is very important to allow men and woman to live up to the expectations for their roles in society. As Steve Harvey put it, “A man’s role is to provide for the female” and I agree. Now a female could offer to pay for a date every once in a while but she’ll only do this or SHOULD only do this if she is completely feeling the guy…like they are both serious about each other…no trace of unrequited feelings.

Why do I say this? Because it means so much more when a female pays…why lead a guy on? Why give him a reason to already believe that this relationship is more serious than it is? and lets be honest, although you’ll offer (which is what you probably should do as a saving grace for the male ego) you don’t really want to pay anyway so there’s no need to attribute that much thought to this debate.

Now, a Male’s Argument: Why invest money in something that is not surefire?

Read the male’s side of this argument at What Would A man Do? : http://bit.ly/nmQ5Hu

—— By: Chazeen of WWMD


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