Relationships: Ten Things He/She Says To Piss You Off

Many times due to language and perspective of your girlfriend or boyfriend sex we cannot determine the true meaning of what our partner means when he/she talks. So we have taken the time to break down the silent code by translating what each means to a specific sex.

“If you were a real man you would” …

Ladies’ Translation: These words are used as a weapon to make a man feel insecure in his manhood. In many cases it works because despite the myth that men do not have feelings or are insensitive, they can be very sensitive. Also the women close to that man have the ability to break him down with statements such as the one above.

“I apologize…you happy? I just said it because I know that’s what you wanted.”

Gentleman’s Translation: The statement is used merely to pacify the person. In many cases the individual saying it feels they did not do anything wrong but just wants to move on.

Ladies’ Translation: Yes, women also say things just to get their partner to shut up. This is probably the best way to make a bad situation worse.

“I thought we were just friends”

Gentleman’s translation: This statement is made to let you know that this is not a committed relationship.

Ladies’ Translation: This statement means that this is a platonic relationship so don’t get any ideas.

“My ex used to …”

Gentlemen & Ladies’ Translation: Caution, caution! Say this at your own risk. This statement will only raise insecurities or make your significant other feel like you still want to be with your ex.

“You better or else”

Gentleman’s Suggestion: Gentlemen, threats never work. Find a different way to persuade your significant other to do something you want her to do. No one likes to be told what to do. Women will take this as a sign of someone that is controlling and might have a temper.

Ladies’ Suggestion: Ladies, guys want to listen. However, they don’t want to feel like they are being talked down to. Find a way to soften your demand; you will be surprised at the results. Ex. “Baby, can you do me a favor and take out the trash for me?”(Questions always makes things sound better. Being nice can lead to better results.)

“I can’t stand your mother/father.”

Gentleman’s Translation/Suggestion: If a man is saying this then he must really really hate your mother, father or even both. My suggestion would be to stay away from the “H” word, hate.

Ladies’ Translation/Suggestion: If your lady says she hates your mother or father than that means she has had enough. My suggestion would be to be as sensitive as possible because family issues can destroy a relationship.

“Let’s take it slow”

Gentleman’s Translation: This means the man is not in a rush to commit and wants to weigh out his options.

Ladies Translation: I want to get to know you before I jump into something serious. Or you might just be put on the back-burner because she is preoccupied with someone else.

“I never had any complaints before”

Ladies’ Translation: Women tend to say this when someone complains about something they have not had prior complaints about. However, men are true believers in not fixing something that is not broken. So with that said if you did not have a boyfriend that complained about your sexual ability for example, it doesn’t mean he didn’t have any complaints. He just might have not told you.

“I usually don’t do this”

Gentleman’s Translation: This means he usually does it all the time.

Ladies’ Translation: This statement is predominately used by women to prevent men from feeling that what they are doing at the moment is not something they practice on regular basis. Gentlemen, please do not be fool. This is a red flag so make sure to do your research.

“Your nice but” or “Your too nice”

Ladies’ Translation: You are a push over and I might run all over you. I need a challenge. Basically, gentlemen if you are hit with this you will forever be in the friend zone.

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