5 of the Sexiest Summer Dating Sports

Summer time is uber(extra) special when you can spend those memorable moments with that special someone doing something fun and exciting. What better way to enjoy summer and someone’s company than play a sexy summer sport with them.

1. Tennis
Some of the sexiest people in the world are tennis players. They train and are in wonderful shape. You can’t go wrong with a man or a woman that plays tennis religiously. Serena Williams, Anna Kournikova and Pete Sampras are perfect example of sexy athletes that wear those tennis get ups so well.

Tennis is a sport that is sexy on so many different levels. It is an active sport that is usually not played by the masses. However, tennis courts are readily available in public areas. This would be a great first date. Go out and get dressed up in those revealing tennis skirts and shorts. Then after a sweat game you can take a cold shower together. After the shower you can find a nice restaurant and talk about improving that tennis stroke.

2. Volleyball
Volleyball is a great sport for group dating. You can have two teams of up to six players or you can opt to keep the numbers down. There is nothing sexier then watching your crush or significant other diving for the ball. The fact that this sport is often played on the beach adds to the sexiness of the game. Beach is always a great look no matter how you look at it. Ladies if you just want to get your man in the mood just dress up as a volleyball player randomly. I bet he will love it.

Popular volleyball players – Logan Tom & Misty May-Treanor

3. Swimming
A swim suite maybe the sexiest piece of clothe worn throughout the summer. There is no way the sport wouldn’t be as sexy. Bay Watch shown throughout the world was living proof of the sexiness and alluring factor of swimming.

Swimming is sexy but us the perfect way to exercise and break the ice with a date. You can have chicken fights and play hide and go seek games in the water. Or you could be more competitive and just swim against each other. Even if you can’t swim you have floating devices like inflatable armbands, “pool noodle ” and “leg floats” are sexy. (Sike)

4. Planking
The act or process of laying in weird places like a plank. Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon came up with ‘The Lying Down Game’ when they were traveling in Europe and were tired of just having pictures of places they visited. (Thanks Gary & Christian!)

Planking is a new sport. This sport takes ingenuity, body control and accuracy. You can tell a lot about a person’s bedroom game by how they plank. This is strictly for the grown and sexy. Just kidding this game is just to break the ice and make each other laugh.

5. Shopping
You might laugh or you may even get upset and say “shopping is not a sport.” But say that to the athletes that walk countless miles in malls that dwarf tracks or those determined customers that stiff arm their way through Macy clearance rack. Some of these shoppers are new and do not understand that it takes endurance to shop all day with other peoples’ money or even your hard earned money. So next time you go to the mall and you see that lady or gentlemen with a handful of bags please get them some water because that takes dedication.

Taking someone on a date to shop is a definitely winner but make sure they are not a gold digger first. (You might like gold diggers so just make sure you have enough money for this sport.)

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