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Alicia Keys celebrated her first entry into the music business by re-releasing her debut album ‘Song in A Minor’ but with over a decade of working experience, the Grammy Award winner has enough material to drop a compilation of greatest hits. Below, the Singersroom team highlights which Keys’ body of work should be selected for the greatest hits…these are our picks:

A Woman’s Worth
In this song, Alicia addresses one of the issues in the battle of the sexes over a simplistic piano driven beat. Without preaching, Keys is direct in describing that a man that yearns a quality woman has to treat a lady the same way he would like to be treated. “Cause a real man knows a real woman/when he sees her/And a real woman knows a real man/Ain’t ‘fraid to please her”

“Fallin” describes the ups and down of relationships. It goes further into dealing with how we continuously go through the same process despite the pain

Jane Doe
It seems like people always want what they cannot have, that is why people who are married get hit on more. Alicia wasn’t playing any games with “Jane Doe,” who wanted to steal her man.

“Girlfriend” has a gritty feel that lets you know Alicia was from New York. The relatable storyline of the song is an experience that is felt by both sexes and all ages because she wants to be with someone that has already been taken. It could lead to a Jane Doe situation.

The combination of the violins, turntable scratches and a strong drum line aligned with the vocal tone, Alicia depicts a case where she made you feel tired of chasing and playing games with her man.

You Don’t Know My Name
School yard crush don’t stop in elementary school! Alicia Keys flirty imagination gave us hope that you can have the perfect romantic ending.

If I Ain’t Got You
“If I Ain’t You” makes you take a step back and slowly review each item and person in your life until you can identify the simple things that make you happy.

If I Was Your Woman – Walk On By
After hearing countless bashing songs, “If I Was Your Woman” was comforting to hear a woman proclaim how, if she was your lady, she would take care of you. Men, like women, like to enjoy knowing their partner will never stop loving them.

No One
“No One” is an ensuring song confirming that the bond you have with your lover cannot be broken. He is your Clyde and you are her Bonnie; only fools would attempt to divide your devotion to each other.

Teenage Love Affair
Ms. Keys first “Teenage Love Affair” left lasting memories because years later she describe the vantage point of a teen experience and their first love experience.

Like You’ll Never See Me Again
If you played this song after a fight with your spouse, it might make you run down the street to guarantee that you left your partner with a smile. Its a sentimental song that forces you to embrace every second you have with your loved ones.

Doesn’t Mean Anything
Sometimes we focus on the wrong things when we are successful and take our partners for granted. Sometimes we realize this when it is too late.

Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)
A touch of the keys and minimal percussion create a sexual openness making “Un-Thinkable (I’m Ready)” compliment candle lit moments after desert.
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