10 Most Annoying Male Habits – Reasons Why They Are Single

There are a lot of things women love about men from their ambitiousness to their undeniable swagger. But then there’s always those little annoying traits that women wish men didn’t have. If there was a such thing as a perfect man, here are the ten habits he wouldn’t possess.

1) Leaving The Toilet Seat Up – This is one battle most women will forever struggle with. We understand that a man must raise the toilet seat to use the bathroom, but we’ll never understand why he doesn’t put it back down once he’s finished. Plus, what man wants his lady accidentally slipping into the toilet bowl because of his forgetfulness?

2) Neglecting to Wash the Dishes After Dinner – If your woman just spent two hours slaving over the stove to cook dinner for you, washing the dishes is the least you can do to show your appreciation.

3) Texting Instead of Calling – We completely understand that most men would rather have a 45-minute text exchange than actually pick up the phone, but we’ll never understand since he could’ve had that same conversation over the phone in probably less than 15 minutes.

4) Forgetting Important Dates – We don’t expect men to remember the actual day we met, or the time we had our first kiss (although both would be nice!). However, we do expect for him to never forget our birthday or anniversary. And since electronic calendar reminders now exist, there’s no excuse.

5) Leaving Dirty Laundry on the Floor – If you want to leave dirty clothes all over your bedroom floor, that’s your prerogative. However, please do note that it likely turns her off.

6) Snoring Loudly – We understand that snoring is generally uncontrollable, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it-especially if it causes us to toss and turn at four in the morning.

7) Neglecting to Ask for Directions – We won’t think of you as any less of a man if you stop and ask for directions, or at least use GPS. We’d prefer that way more than being late, or worse, getting lost.

8) Refusing to Admit When He’s Wrong – We know it’s hard for you to say those three words, but sometimes it’s important to just own up to the facts and say “I was wrong.” Plus, it’ll make us feel so much better knowing we were right this time.

9) Neglecting to Hold Open Doors – If you don’t open our car door or hold the door for us when we’re walking into a place, you’ll lose major points with any woman. Word to the wise men: always hold the door open.

10) Buying another Video Game, Tech Product, etc. – You know how you feel when we go out and buy a pair of shoes that you don’t think we need? That’s the same way we feel when you purchase a $200 pair of headphones. So if you let us slide on buying one more pair, we’ll call it a truce.

—— By: Crystal Tate


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