Is This Really How Single Ladies Act?

All my single ladies, all my single ladies, now put ya hands up! In 2008, Beyonce’s catchy hook had women all over the world twisting their hips and moving their lips all in praise of the single life. Now in 2011, VH1 has captured our attention with “Single Ladies” a new romantic comedy series. Since the reality TV world has taken over the last few years, it’s refreshing to watch a fictional scripted series. Similar to fictional books, scripted television always has an underlying message. What message is Single Ladies delivering? Is being single praiseworthy or is it frowned upon for various reasons? Take a look into the lives of three beautiful women: Val, Keisha, and April…


ValAfter a relationship of five years was tossed out the window by her man who confessed to never being in love with her, Val is scorned, indecisive, and now open and spontaneous. One night stands and countless dates is how she blatantly shields the hurt and pain of her recent split. Her ‘don’t think just do’ attitude is how she’s planning to take her life back at all costs. Deep down inside her fairytale wedding dreams are still top priority. Val is a hopeless romantic to say the least. How long is too long before he puts a ring on it?

keisha“I ain’t saying she a gold-digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke……” well you know the rest. Cash rules everything around her as she demands respect, money and control. “Love is an illusion for the weak,” said Keisha. Keeping all her options open, she carefully picks and chooses who she lets in, sexually and monetarily speaking. The depth of your pockets determine the depth of her love. A tall, thick, brick wall is up and apparent. Independent and intriguing best describes Keisha. In terms of relationships, money is always appealing, but does it provide true happiness?


AprilIn the midst of apples, April is the only orange as she is married. Unfortunately, that is not stopping her from claiming a single woman’s lifestyle. Sexing the mayor is fun and appropriate in her eyes. The chemistry is lost in her marriage, and she is seeking it elsewhere. Like most things done in the dark, her infidelity eventually came to light. Reputation, respect and trust are all destroyed consequent of her carefree actions. When sex and/or emotions are involved how often do we think before we act?

While Single Ladies is fictional and not an exact description of all women, it keeps us engaged with relatable situations. Many questions come to mind. Is using your head and not your heart the road to happiness? Are beautiful, successful women often left behind? Is rebound sex the remedy for relationship wrongs? With various double standards lurking, if single are you considered a hoe because you choose to have casual sex? As a single woman in America, are you happy? Does a man solidify who you are? Once you find your Prince Charming, to what length will you go to keep him?

If any, who are you? Val, Keisha, or April? Which side of the fence are you on and why? Feel free to comment below. Honest answers only.

Be entertained. Catch Single Ladies Mondays on VH1 at 9:00pm.
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